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The value of the Cook Islands' money is identical to New Zealand's; the coins and banknotes cannot be exchanged anywhere else in the world. This is the right place for you if you want the authentic experience of life on Rarotonga with peace and complete relaxation. It is much easier to get aid from China than from New Zealand. ("Jetsave Travel") offer money exchange and bank transfers.

For the Cook Islands, government funding.

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It can also be used to make withdrawals from New Zealand automatic teller machine. Deal rates can be high, but if you are a Westpac client using Westpac ATM' s, the deal fee is not charged. we take NZ $'s with us, we find that Australia Post gives a fairly good exchange rat & doesn't charge anyway fees. However, if you are a Westpac client using Westpac ATM', the deal fee is not charged.

I' m referring to Visas and MC, because in my opinion Amex is in Raro not often used. During September/October I can't remember being said that there would be a supplement when using our visas - what we weren't informed about & what could have been 2 different things.

Most, but not all US Visa and Mastercards have a supplement of up to 3% for payments outside the US. As I believe Fernsie referred to, some Korean companies are charging a supplement for payment by plasticine.

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We' re planing to go from Canada to Rarotonga and wonder where the best place to change money is. Would we be better off using a bench here in Canada, an interchange office at the airfield, or wait until we get to Raro? At the Cooks themselves, go to one of the city centre banking outlets in Avarua.

We' have exchanged some US Dollar for NZ Dollar at LAX, but I guess we got a better course at a Seattle area. The best and most inexpensive food resource on Raro was the CiCC shop between Avarua and the international airports (not to be confused with the CICC shop downtown).

I' ll look for the shop and the supermarket is on our must see agenda.

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