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2018 flights to Tranerife Tenerife's budget flights will take you to the largest and most loved of the Canary Islands, keeping every holiday-maker entertained. Lovely summer and gentle winter make it an all year round target for pairs, groups and family, who all enjoy the best Tenerife is. If you wish a five-star vacation, a natural adventure or a celebration in the sun - everything is possible on this Canary Island! Tenerife's great climate, vibrant ambience and family recreation make it an outstanding place for those looking for a funny vacation.

Here you will find broad gold coloured sands and a long neon-soaked stripe, with enough places to club and bar every evening of the city. It' s quite fiery out there, so the Aqualand and Siam Park water parks are a great place for all age groups, with Siam Park being one of the largest and best in Europe.

If you want the calmer side of the isle, try Costa Adeje or Playa Paraiso. The Costa Adeje is the most demanding of the islands resorts with luxurious resorts, design stores and Blue Flag beach. The city is rich in beauty. If you visit Tererife, you should not miss Jungle Park to see sharks, crrocodiles, monkeys and more.

The Teide, whose peak is the highest point in Spain, commands the entire interior of the country and the National Park is a great place for hiking, cycling or safaris. The Teide, the largest of the volcanoes in Tenerife, is 3,718 metres high. It is the highest point of Spain and makes Tenerife the tenth highest point of the earth.

Teides beloved Nationalpark, which is frequented by 2.5 million visitors annually, is home to many invertebrates, of which over 40% are atypical. Seventy of them can only be found in the garden. Tenerife is Spain's most populous country, with 898,680 residents, for those who wonder where Tenerife is located.

This is 43% of the entire Canary Islands and it is the largest of the Canary Islands. More than 5 million visitors come to Tenerife every year. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife takes place every year in February in Santa Cruz. The Mirador de la Paz is one of the major tourist sites in Tenerife, a beautiful place with great view, where Agatha Christie seems to have been influenced by the novel "The Misterious Mr Quin".

Tenerife has the same banner as Scotland - but that's where the common ground ends - especially when it comes to the weathers! Tenerife Thailand and Siam Parks Aquapark hold five global record-breaking rivers, among them the longest rotten stream in the whole wide open space and the biggest thailand facility outside Asia. Tenerife gets 300 sunny working nights a year.

Don't miss El Medano and Playa la Tejita, the best in Tenerife.

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