Pearl Resort Moorea Island French Polynesia

Pearl Resort Moorea Island French Polynesia

It also has the largest infinity pool on the island. Experience a unique experience on the island of Moorea. South Pacific Management. Beautiful location on a beautiful island. Beautiful location on a beautiful island.

Málava Beach Resort and Spas - formerly Moorea Pearl Resort

Featuring a variety of large rooms, beach suite and romantically landscaped mansions, the resort creates an environment where both couple and family can live together as one. Every above-water cottage has a large sun deck with immediate entrance to the snorkelling lake, while every outdoor cottage has a back yard with its own diving area.

It also has the island's biggest inflinity pad. Convenient and roomy Garden View Rooms are situated in a nearby resort area. All bungalows have: A/C, 1 king size or 2 singles bunk-beds, 1 singles berth and a privately decorated balcon.

Convenient and roomy duplexes of our gazebo are housed in a nearby resort area. Every cottage has: A/C, 1 king size bed and 2 single bed with a large privately decorated balcon. Premium South Tyrolean style poolside villas are distributed in the resort's fragrant landscaped areas. They offer a wonderful seclusion with their own swimming pools and their own views of the area.

All bungalows have A/C, 1 king size bed or 2 single bed, a single bed and a fitted verandah opening onto the bath. Premium Bungalows are situated on a beautiful part of the coast near the resort swimming pools. All bungalows have A/C, 1 king size bed or 2 twin berths, a single bed and a fully equipped porch facing the sea.

Overwater bungalows are located inside the barge overlooking Moorea Island and the resort. All bungalows have A/C, a full bath, 1 king size bed or 2 single berths, an extra single bed and a large veranda with a large veranda with overhanging water.

This bungalow is located at the bottom of the lake. Offering more intimacy than the regular surface bungalow, they have the same facilities, with a large fully equipped porch with immediate sea-view. Auteraá Bar by the pool offers a funny and extravagant ambience and the perfect place to sample a variety of beverages, savour simple meals and Polish cuisine.

This meal is a delicious blend of flavours from France and French Polynesia. The Matiehani Lounge is an exhilarating new place to drink a glass of good wines and listen to good local folk songs at Manava Beach Resort. The Manea Spa is situated in the Moorea Pearl Resort, set in a beautiful garden. Influenced by the old tradition of Polish healthcare and aesthetics, the therapies use only genuine ingredients such as warm volcano rocks, peelings of coconuts, grapefruits, pinapple or gherkin mask and packs.

It is a smaller resort with enchanting Polish décor. Combining this intimacy of the island with a comfortable environment within easy reach of the city's bars, cafés and stores. This extensive snorkelling area offers great snorkelling opportunities, especially if you live in one of the premium overwater bungalows at the end of the jetty where the cliffs drop off.

Otherwise, the Garden Duplex Suites are ideal for the accommodation of a large group. Cots and roller cots may be available and should be ordered at reservation.

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