Shotover Jet Discount

Shootover Jet Discount

Adrenaline rush as you jet over the surface of the Shotover River! Jet Shotover Offers - Jet Shotover - Jet Ride England Queenstown's famed Shotover Jet Ride and tank up on adrenalin in the world's epinephrine city. Cruise into the Shotover River Canyon while your experienced rider skilfully flogging your jetboat through the dramatic gorges, past cliffs and around rocks and rocks. As you fly over the cristal clear water up to 10cm flat, your'Big Red' will be put through its paces when you can travel at up to 85 kph.

You' ll be able to sense the splash of splashing waters like fish tail turns and 360-degree turns that are sure to make your pulse beat faster! Riverside gorges with their high elevations provide a breathtaking place to enjoy life. You' ll be spending 25 min on the sea, but please allow 1h 30 min for the entire journey, which will include your homecoming to Queenstown.

Sunrise Special Shotover Jet[SAVE $20] - New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand - Shotover Jet Sunrise Special - New Zealand Australia

Hop out of your bunks, get a cup of tea and get a few $$$$ off with the Shotover Jets Sunrise Newspaper. Shotover Jet makes it simple to understand why they have inspired over 3 million visitors since 1970 and deserve the award for "the most thrilling jetboat cruise in the world".

Using a snow-covered ankle handle on the handrails, pull off the shear-side shotover canyons and dance your way through cliffy spurs that are only a few millimetres away. Sense the thrill when the rider tosses the raft in one of its famed 360-degree turns before he plunges down the ravine for another.

The Shotover Jet is operating on the Shotover Riviera, New Zealand's wealthiest gold-bearing canal. This is the only enterprise allowed to work in the spectral gorges that have been cut from crystal-clear, fast-flowing water off the Southern Alps for millennia. Race past cliffs, glide through rocks and tear through dramatic gorges as the cliffs rise above you.

Featuring camcorders on the boat and experienced film footage of the event, there are many ways to take a souvenir of this event with you. If the daytime flow requires it, Shotover Jet reserves the right to increase the minimal children's altitude to 1.2 meters to guarantee the passengers the highest level of security.

: Get off the pistes and zooming through the Shotover Canyons. Mighty Shotover Jet be the right choice. They' re world-famous as the ultimative'Jet Boat' adventure and have inspired over 3 million souls since 1970. You are the only one allowed to work in the tight and tragic Shotover River Canyons, which is really a truly original and stunning place that gives you a true feeling for the pace at which you drive through the sides of the canyons.

What is the journey and how do I get there? You' ll be spending 25 min on the sea, but you should allow 1 hr 30 min for the way back to Queenstown, which includes your'jet boat' trip. You' re welcome to take the River Base on Gorge Road, Arthurs Point or use the free 15-minute shuttleservice from The Station Information Centre at the Camp & Shotover Streets in Queenstown's heartl.

It depends on the map application you are using, but if you go to the'Attractions' section and enter Shotover Jet, you should sign up. Shotover Jet River Base is 7km from downtown Queenstown. Up Shotover Street (with Lake Wakatipu behind you) and onto Gorge Road.

Drive along Gorge Road towards Arthurs Point and Coronet Peak. Continue until you come to a large single-lane bridge'Edith Cavell Bridge', and the Shotover Jet entrance is immediately after crossing the viaduct on your lefthand side. But if you are particularly worried about your hairstyle, we suggest you take the middle seat on the cat.

If I have an accident, can I go? When you have a particular illness, as well as a fracture or fracture, or if you have back or nape issues, please inform Shotover Jet at check-in so that they can evaluate and advice you on your fitness to travel. If you have a particular illness, please contact Shotover Jet. If you are with child, we do not suggest you take the'jet boat'.

There' s a large observation platform at Shotover Jet River Base so your guests and your loved ones can enjoy their journey on the Shotover Jet'Big Red', and there is a cafe next to our base building for coffees, snacks or lunches. Which is the minimal legal retirement age for an accompanying infant?

Kids from 5 - 15 years old are travelling for $69 and Shotover Jet carries toddlers (3-4 years), but all kids must be at least 1 meter high to be able to sail in the'Jet Boat'. The Shotover Jet reserves the right to prolong it to a height of 1.2 meters if the daytime meteorological and flow patterns require it.

10-15 year olds may go on the trip without a guide as long as a local adult or legal guardian is present, but younger ones must be travelling with a resident or legal guardian of 16 years of age or older. There are free safety lockers at the Beach Reception Unit just before getting on the jet boat.

You' re welcome to take your camcorder with you to the Shotover Jet, as there are many great photography options on Shotover Jet Beach or from the observation platform with a view of the Shotover River. As there is the possibility that you can easily get soaked during the journey and for the security of yourself and other travellers, you are not allowed to use your own private camcorders, videocameras and cellphone.

There is a complete set of souvenirs of your Shotover Jet cruise available and you can also add a 3-minute'Jet Cam' movie of your own travel on the Shotover Jet'Big Red' Jet Boat.

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