American Samoa National Park Jobs

Samoa National Park Jobs

Mall Age: Getting Things Done in American Samoa . Guide a multi-park effort to share the science of coastal national parks through digital media. American Samoa National Park, Pago Pago, AS. North American Samoa National Park (NPSA) and Mareike Sudek, NMSAS. Rico, American Samoa and Guam, which are all home to national parks.

Locate jobs in the National Park with the National Park Service

Which national parks have you been to? Did you remember to find a job at the National Park Service during the year? National Park Service, often referred to as NPS for short, is a division of the US Department of the Interior. National Park Service was founded by President Woodrow Wilson on 25 August 1916. The centenary of the National Park Service is 2016.

The work in the park for the NPS's centenary is a unique occasion! These include national parklands, memorials, battlefields, army parklands, historical places, lakeshore, recreational areas and even the White House. The National Park Service currently monitors 409 areas with an area of 84 million hectares in all fifty states, Washington DC, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The National Park Service offers jobs as park rangers, dispatchers, park management, curators, NPS historians, guides, fire management, administration, maintenance and resource management. The National Parks also have jobs with over 500 concessionaires who concentrate on accommodation, transport, guided tours, eating and grocery stores. On which national park grounds would you like to work?

It' just a bunch of those places you can work this sommer. Which unbelievable place outdoors will you call your "office" this year?

Nationalpark Jobs Abroad

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