Easter Island now

Isle of Easter now

Echinoids of Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Summary: The well-known echinoid fauna of Easter Island now comprises seven species. We have another treat for Pure Chess fans this week: the Pure Chess Easter Island chess game. Above table shows the height and times of low and high tide for Easter Island. Find the cheapest room in the Vaianny Guest House on Easter Island, Chile.

See the Prodigal Gods of Easter Island now

Exploring a once-drowned civilisation is a central topic of the course: the huge issues facing contemporary scholars and archeologists when they interpret an old civilisation solely through hard proof, without writing down anything that brings this proof to the forefront. Whilst most of us never stop thinking about it, old civilisations are involved in almost everything we do.

Antiquity has affected our traditions, our religions, our law, our government, our architecture and our work. Explore the greatest civilisations of antiquity and how they impact our contemporary life. Find out more about the different approaches the course follows in its exploration of the antique realm, and listen to a history that accurately exemplifies the dangers of one's own prejudices and the narrow perspectives that excessively impact the way archaeologists interpret discover.

This first civilisation of the course unveils a topic that will reappear again and again. To critically examine the geographical and resource roles in the design not only of Mesopotamia's existential methods, but also of its religions, structure, empire and means of writing. Their inauguration in Egypt revealed a civilisation irreversibly marked by the world.

They will see how the foreseeable yearly floods of the Nile, which represented a fruitful stretch of just 3% of Egyptian territory, made civilisation flourish in an otherwise inhabitable world.

Osterinsel-Chessgame now available for Pure Chaess

We have another delicacy for Pure chess enthusiasts this week: the Pure Chess Easter Island game. VooFoo Studios' gifted staff has put together another breathtaking kit for you to wear with your Pure Case series. Pure ChaessĀ® Easter Island is based on the mystical moai of Easter Island Polynesia.

This headlike, gigantic chessmen are wonderfully finished and bring the moai not only to live - but also to the chessboard.

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