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and airlines/airports. by Olivier BÔLE French Polynesian residents can enter with their travel documents valid on arrival.

French Polynesia, forgotten by tourism.


They are worshipped as paradise. However, National Geographic's latest National Geographic coverage of the world's most popular tourist attractions did not talk very positively about French Polynesia. This is due to tourism, which has had a great influence on the island and surrounding area. There has been damage to the area' s tourism industries from excessive development and tourism maladministration, which has affected the region' s inherent attractiveness.

In simple terms, there are too many people visiting these isles. Bora Bora is one of the most threatened of them. It became one of the most sought-after luxurious locations in the over thirty years ago and since then the number of hotels and tourism has been increasing. We can no longer see Bora Bora as a distant target.

We have 23 non-stop weekly departures from the USA to Tahiti and 16 hotels on Bora Bora alone. French Polynesia has become more popular in the tourism sector since 11 September, according to an tourism sustainable specialist, Prof. Brian King, leading to more investments by groups of hotels.

Tourism stakeholders are aware that continual damage to the enviroment would ultimately lead to a decline in their businesses. You are trying to take steps to alleviate the adverse effects of overdevelopments in the city.

France-Polynesia 2018: The best of French Polynesia Tourism

Both Tahiti and Bora Bora are the most famous French Polynesia with their picturesque shores and charm. Indeed, these isles with their luxuriant scenery and atmospheric characteristics such as lakes and caves are great for holding hands. Mo'orea is a beautiful spot for snorkellers and scuba diver who want to discover the area.

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Polynesia-French | PF: International Tourism: Arrival count

Polynesia-French PF: International Tourism: The number of arrivals in December 2016 was 192,000.00 persons. Polynesia-French PF: International Tourism: The number of arrivals is annually adjusted, with an average of 189,000.00 persons from December 1995 to 2016, with 22 notifications. In 2000, the figures hit an all-time high of 252,000.00 persons and a peak of 154,000.00 persons in 2010.

Polynesia-French PF: Tourism International: The number of arrivals at CEIC will remain and will be announced by the World Banks. These are categorised under Global Database's French Polynesia - Table PF.World Bank: Tourist statistics. The number of foreigners ( "overnight guests") is the number of foreign travellers who, for a maximum of 12 month, are travelling to a different destination than their habitual place of abode but outside their familiar surroundings and the primary objective of which is to visit an occupation other than that paid for from the destination state.

If there is no information about the number of travelers available, the number of travelers including travelers, same-day travelers, ferry travelers and crews is displayed instead. Arrival origins and survey methodologies vary from country to country. Some of the information comes from frontier statistical information (police, migration, etc.) and is complemented by frontier survey work.

Other cases involve information from collective tourist lodgings. The number of flights is restricted for some destinations to arrival by plane and for others to arrival in a hotel. In certain states there are foreign residents, in others not. Therefore, a comparison of arrival times between different destinations should be made with care.

Entry information refers to the number of passengers arriving, not to the number of passengers. For example, a individual who makes several journeys to a particular destination in a given timeframe is always considered a newcomer; ; World Tourism Organization, Yearbook of Tourism Statistics, Compendium of Tourism Statistics and date Files; Gap-filled total; CEIC only shows a selected group of indices on our website.

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