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IS A POLITICAL AND HISTORICAL SHOT OF. U.S. ambiguous about the policy state of American Samoa

The Governor of American Samoa said at the opening of the Youth Summit in Pago Pago that the United States did not fully grasp the area' s policy state. Commenting to over 300 youngsters, Lolo Moliga said that American Samoa is a US settlement, which is not so.

Said the American Samoa was an uncorporated and unorganized US territorial state. He said that there were some questions that had to be resolved with the German authorities as the country progressed with self-determination. He said that young people should be given the necessary information and insight into the country's policy situation so that they can make choices about the American Samoa's prospects.

But Lolo said an office of self-determination was created to research all matters relating to the region's policy state, but the Federal Council still does not fully understand American-Samoa.

American-Samoa 2017 general elections

"FEC" means the summary of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) election campaign financing. If available, we indicate the FEC ID number of each nominee, the date of the last submitted report on deposits and withdrawals, his "dead" earnings (contributions or what has been received: FEC-Form3, line 16, column B)] and his "Dsb" (total payments (expenses or what has been issued: FEC-Form 3, line 23, column B)].

This is a shortcut to the summary report of the Federal Electoral Commission for those who wish to investigate the intricacies.

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