New Zealand South Island what to do

South Island New Zealand what to do

At Marlborough Sounds you can experience the animal world up close. Enjoy all kinds of outdoor fun in Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park. This is the must-do experience to guarantee the most epic gap year ever! View all free (and cheap) activities on the South Island of New Zealand! Well, there are many places you can visit and many activities to enjoy.

New Zealand's South Island's Top 20 Best Activities

"What are the two isles? "Well.... as I see it, the North Island (Te Ika-a-M?ui) has a wider range of cultural and geothermic miracles - while the South Island is mostly filled with harsh wildlife and exciting adventures! To make it as easy as possible for you, I have put together a list of the top must-do's and must-see's for your New Zealand adventures on the South Island.

Most of these awesome experiences can be done if you take part in an adventurous Wild Kiwi experience. On the way to Milford Sound with Wild Kiwi we had to make so many stopovers because the scenery around was just too stunning - you'll see what I mean when you come to this area!

For the many things you can do in Milford Sound, you can do one of the following:. Marlborough Sounds is a compilation of old lost valley rivers, which you have to take into account in your South Island activity!

Finally, there are enchanting jagged coasts, rich sea reservations, unspoilt isles and historical places - of course there are a variety of things you can do here! Welcome Flat Hot Pools:. A short walk across the Copland Track will take you to get to this place, but you will certainly be awarded with a breathtaking view of the mountains along the way - not to speak of having the swimming pool at the end to take in this wide variety of temperatures and accommodating up to 10 to 12 souls.

Thermal baths Hanmer Springs:. This is a great place to pamper yourself, there are several kinds of swimming pool that you can choose from, such as sulfur pool, jet showers, cliff pool and more..... Franz-Josef Glacier Hot Pools:. At the end of a walking tour you will be rewarded with a refreshing bath in the Franz Josef Glacier Hot Swimming Pool.....

It is open until 9 pm and you can bathe in one of the 3 large outside swimmingpools ranging from 36 to 41 degrees Celsius (if you prefer your own space, there are also swimming pools).... Onsen Hot Pools:. The Onsen Hot Swimmingpools are the place to be if you want a bit of luxury and fashion.....

At the end of the trip, you can decide whether to return your fish to the sea or have it wrapped so that you can take it home with you to eat and prepare. A country of adventures and stunning scenery, it is a MUST to admire New Zealand from above to do something on the South Island!

I suggest doing it either in Queenstown or Wanaka. Cable car ride: For a less exciting adventure you can also enjoy a 360-degree panorama view of the South Island with a cable car trip, which you can still do in Queenstown or Christchurch. But if you're looking for something more special yet relaxed, take a ballooning trip over Queenstown to see the Southern Alps and Lake Wakatipu in all its gild.

If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. It will be the first commercially available bungee jumper in the world where you can dive 43 metres from the Kawarau Bridge. You can also take a jumps with a buddy if you want to join the excitement! If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here.

New Zealand's highest bungee jump as it is 134 metres above the Nevis River - as such you will surely have a valuable memento of it! If you want to make a reservation, please click here. By doing this you will be able to skip over Queenstown and since it has a full length belt, you have the liberty to select from different kinds of jumping (they even have a'jump menu') or you can simply create your own/freestyle!

If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. It' a little like a bungee vault, considering you're still'jumping' - but you swing like in a garden when you were a kid, but only tenfold more exciting. One way or another, they have a'jump menu' from which you can select to redouble the game!

If you want to make a reservation, please click here. Similar to The Ledge Bungy, this is at the top of Queenstown's skyline gondola and lets you fly 400 metres above and above Queenstown! If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. A bit like a mixture of go-kart (no motor) and sledge ( "Luge" is a funny and fast-paced adventurous event in Queenstown, suitable for everyone of all age!

It is an adrenalin pump created by New Zealand. Select between a single or double trip to maximise the noise. If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. On the South Island there are many kayak possibilities where you can experience at first hand the natural environment and its dramatic costal formation in clear sub-tropical water.

The Nelson Lakes National Park, Marlborough Sounds, Lakes Tekapo and Abel Tasman National Park and many others are some of the best places to do so! Lake Matheson: This is an impressive reflection of Mt Cook (New Zealand's highest mountain) and Mt Tasman. It' essentially a shortcircuit stroll, and if I may split a tip, it is best to wander here at twilight or noon to see the best reflection of the lakes in the area.

Tekapo Lake: Situated southwest of Christchurch in the Mackenzie Basin, the Tekapo is a landmark with its milk and blue water surrounded by the mountains and lovely vegetation. Near the lakeside is also the "Church of the Good Shepherd", a favourite photographic location for people.

It'?s beautiful Lake Wanaka: It is New Zealand's fourth biggest sea and many folks are enjoying canoeing, watercrafting, jetboating, rafting as well as bathing in its clear water. Don't miss the famous'Wanaka Tree' that has taken the web by storm! Don't miss it! Pukaki Lake: A breathtaking mountain pond on an mountain pasture with Mt.

Hiking to Hokitika Gorge is so easy that you shouldn't miss it! Here you find some medium soil, because this is actually the shooting place in the sequence of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", when the dwarfs drifted down a stream in drums.

It is said that this is the path that was the inspiration for the beginning of the New Zealand bicycle path system. The Queenstown Trail: It is expected to bring out the best of Queenstown, as it is linked to Arrowtown and Gibbston Valley. 2 Oceans bike path in the Alps: It is New Zealand's longest 306km bike path, starting at the bottom of Mt. Cooke and ending on the Pacific coast in Oamaru.

You will certainly be able to admire the streams, glacial valleys, seas and plain that you will cross on this itinerary. It is a spa known for its sea, the Wanaka tree and a number of leisure pursuits. It is a small, enchanting city, the principal gate between the North and South Islands and the bays of Marlborough Sounds.

Queenstown offers 2 hikes with the help of expert guide. Five and a half hour to admire the panorama, paddle over pools and climb a hill. At the end of the trip you will have a drink and savour the area.

How about a picturesque quest? If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. However, if you only have the money for a single trip during your entire Franz Josef stay, you should take advantage of this opportunity. If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. It is one of New Zealand's most visited skiing areas.

Whether you don't have any previous skiing experiences, you can still practice your skiing skills. In addition, beginners and middle schools are available. If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. The cuisines of New Zealand are strongly shaped by America, Europe and Southeast Asia and are intimately linked to Australia. If, like me, you come from the Philippines, it may be exaggerated to shoot over NZ$80, but New Zealand fishers are proud of it when they catch it, so try it!

It' s less expensive in the whole of New Zealand - after all, the breed of animals is bigger than the people! The hitchhiking (or what Kiwis call it) I loved because it provided impressive scenery surrounded by the Southern Alps - and of course the cherry on the top of the road: the beautiful Mt. Cook!

It is a 3-hour walk full of cliffs and wildlife (you can even see sea birds and seal up close!) as you traverse the South Bay promontory. You should take full use of the wonderful peaks it has with the South Island topography: New Zealand's highest peak, you should not miss this beautiful scenery.

As you are in the area, you will also be visiting the Mt. John Observatory to observe the clear starry sky in the biggest Dark Sky Reserve in the dark. Situated at the north end of Lake Wakatipu, this is a favourite 4- to 6-hour walk starting from the parking space on Gleorchy-Routeburn Road. Situated between Wanaka and Glendhu bay, this hill has begun to attract a great number of people when you look at the magnificent view of Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring/Tit and the nearby coves.

In 13th place I proposed to drive a 4√ó4 trip through the jagged landscape, country lanes and meandering trails around Queenstown (and discover the places of the medieval times!). If you want to make a reservation, you can do so here. It is quite common to see wildlife such as the Dolphin, Penguin, Shag, Seal and Whale in their habitat around the grounds and in Queen Charlotte Sounds.

This is Stewart Island: A few of those you can see are kiwi, penguin, albatross, weka and kaka. Kaikoura: As I have already said in this post, this city is home to a wealth of sea creatures and you can take part in various outdoor pursuits, such as...... Aside from the above commercials used or shown in the LOTR or Hobbit trilogy, you can also take a more private trip on a Queenstown based four-wheel drive while visiting the movie theaters like Glenorchy or Wakatipu Basin, Isengard, the 12-mile Delta, the Misty Mountains, the Columns of Magi and more!

IMPORTANT: New Zealand has stringent isolation requirements for non-declared foods and other biological hazards. When you have outside equipments such as scuba dive gears, walking shoes, etc., you will need to wash them before your trip to New Zealand to speed up the inspecting for you. We would like to point out that New Zealand is firmly committed to the fact that it has tracking hounds and bio-sensitive X-ray devices to track down undesirable objects.

In New Zealand what is the local currencies? NZD, where about NZD 1. 40~ equals $1 US, ?0. 85~ or Php 50~ (as of May 2018). So, what should you do? Swap your funds either at a local banking or change machine in your home town or in one of New Zealand's town centres.

Talking of card, many New Zealand institutions are accepting payment via bank card, but it is always a good idea to have ATM. What is the best season to come to New Zealand? From a technical point of view, there is NEVER a hard season to drive to New Zealand, but since both the North and South Islands are long and tight, the wheather is not consistent.

However, the New Zealand season is listed here as an overview: If you think about it, New Zealand is a great getaway for those few busy days of the year when you want to get away from the hard wintry days. Queenstown, for example, will be your skiing miracle, but there are certainly a number of skiing areas throughout the state.

When you arrive in June, you can savour the Queenstown Winter Festival. This is one of the "low seasons" in which you can spend warm summer months and longer periods of time. Where to get to New Zealand? The Auckland International Airports (AKL) is New Zealand's biggest international airports, followed by Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

What is the best way to circumnavigate New Zealand's South Island? In New Zealand flying inland from one place to another is very simple and often less expensive than travelling by car or train. Several of the carriers you can select from are Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. New Zealand is a quiet and comfortable place to ride (you are on the left), so many people decide to take a trip to the state.

They and I went with them during my time in New Zealand and I had a lot of fun! It is a relatively inexpensive way to explore New Zealand, ranging from luxurious buses to mini-van shuttle buses. When you are ready for the challenges, motorcycling or biking is a great way to explore New Zealand's countryside, and it's pretty simple to get a hire car.

Of course there are a number of accommodation options in New Zealand to suit your needs. Was I supposed to get a New Zealand entry permit? If you do not need a touristic entry permit for New Zealand, you can review this country shortlist. If you are NOT a national of any of the above mentioned country, you must of course obtain a tourism permit from the New Zealand Consulate in your area.

Hopefully this checklist will help you optimize your New Zealand trip!

Indeed, to make your adventures stress-free, take a look at Wild Kiwi roads. Enjoy it! How do you feel about things on the South Island? Have you ever been to the South Island?

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