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Spoken languages are Samoan, English and Tongan and most people are bilingual. troy and theodora polamalu will return to another faasamoa camp next month. Fertility rates - raw (per 1,000 persons) in American Samoa

Geburtenrate, raw (per 1,000 people) in American Samoa was registered at 17.5 in 2014, according to the World Bank compilation of trend statistics, composed from official approved resources. This enables customers to access tens of thousands of historical information, access our real-time business calendars, sign up for newsletters, and get currency, commodity, equity and bond prices.

The gross birthrate is the number of life deaths that occur during the year per 1,000 inhabitants, estimate at mid-year. Deducting the gross mortality figure from the gross birthrate results in the normal growth that corresponds to the rates of non-migrating changes in populations.

Today is the eleventh flag day in American Samoa. American Samoa.

AMERICAN SAMOA, Pago Pago - Today celebrates the eleventh flag day in American Samoa, more than 100 years since American Samoa became a US turf. Lolo Matalasi Moliga noted in his comments on Flag Day at Veterans Memorial Stadium that Flag Day is an anniversary event where the people of American Samoa thank God for his continuing care and affection for the people of American Samoa.

It thanks the VIP' and others who attended the ceremony outside the Isle, among them Doug Domenech, US Secretary of the Interior for Insular and International Affairs, who gave the policy speech, and Samoan Head of State. He also acknowledges American Samoa children, such as Nikolao Pula, Lydia Faleafine and all American Samoa children who serve in Washington D.C. and throughout the United States.

In February, the gubernatorial authorities expressed their public gratitude to US President Donald Trump "for his quick reaction to my plea to make American Samoa a catastrophe area" after the Gita in the tropics.

Mankind & Culture - American Samoa

Samoan people were renowned as seafarers and known for their boating abilities. Samoan people are Polynesians, the main tongue on the island is very close to Hawaiian people. English, Tongan and other tongues are used, as most people are fluent in at least two of them.

American Samoa is almost the same as Upolu (Western Samoa). American Samoa's civilisation is distinguished from that of Samoa by the United States. Samoan civilisation is the oldest in Polynesia. The first people on the Samoan Islands are thought to have come by ship from South-West Asia about 3,000 years ago.

Seafarers and colonists travelled from Samoa to other islands in Polynesia several hundred kilometres away. Samoic sub-group comprises Samoic and the Tokelau and Tuvalu language groups. Samoan is home-speaking, but most of the inhabitants also speaks English. Teaching English has been in school since the first classes, and the 1990 survey revealed that less than a thousand people aged five years or older did not know English.

Samoan Children's Fair is a unique event, as big as Christmas, when all the kids on the Isle of Samoan are given new dresses and presents. Worship is held and chanted in Samoan, a vernacular similar to other French dialects. Samoan people have a powerful religious fellowship that goes back to the time of Reverend Williams, who came to the Samoan Isles in the early 19th cent. and represented the London Missionary Society.

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