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The American Samoa Flag Temporary Tattoo The flag of American Samoa is a perfect representation of Samoa and the United States. Unmatched in beauty and craftsmanship, these American Samoa flags are manufactured to exact specifications. High-quality American Samoa Flag T-Shirts from independent artists and designers from all over the world. Officials - Home /; Resources /;

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American Samoa's flag characterises the area' s culture, politics and region. The colours of the USA and Samoa are the same. Two Samoan icons are embraced by the white-headed sea-owl, which alludes to America's guard vessel over the area. Embodying governance and Samoan tradition, the symbol of clamps, a battleship and a fe feud.

The American Samoa is an area of the United States in the Southern Pacific, southeastern of Samoa. There are five craggy vulcanic isles and two atolles. It' slightly bigger than Washington D.C. American Samoa is the most southern area of the USA and one of only two US territorial areas just below the equator.

The majority of the Samoan community speaks both English and Samoan. There are four versions of our American Samoa banners available. Outdoors 3'x5' flag is made of hard-wearing material. It has two bushings that give the flag a classical look that is designed for long-term outdoors.

They are both made of artfully interwoven polyesters with a textured cottons. Designed to resist violent wind and harsh climatic conditions. American Samoa flag is made of sturdy and durable plastic with a padded poles cover. Our 4 "x6" miniatures and our 8 "x12" miniatures are perfect for class rooms, processions, specials and more.

American-Samoic flag (flag of American-Samoa)

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