Kauai Beach Resort

The Kauai Beach Resort

Inexpensive AC Resort on the longest beach of Kauai, with beautiful sea views! You can compare these "accommodation units" with the nearby Islander on the Beach. LihueHI Kauai Beach Resort, LihueHI Hotel Offers & Holiday Packages. Check availability and discounts at Kauai Beach Resort immediately. Offers general information and hotel facilities for the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort:

415 reviews & 510 pictures - Hotels - 4331 Kauai Beach Dr, Lihue, HI - Telephone number

Quite cute resort, not as fantastic as the more expensive Resorts, but I thought it was a fairly good value. They were great, very kind and supportive when we needed something. Okay. Here's the report of our trip to the Kauai Beach Resort for our honeymoon. - Situation: it is a good area near Lihue, but outside the city.

It is located directly on the beach and about 5-10 min from Lihue, includes Walmart and Costco. - BOD: The personnel here is really cool. The reception and all the really friendly folks who were there every day made check-in and check-out, towels etc. a piece of cake.

  • Fittings: The swimming pool and the terrain are superb. There are well-maintained swimming pool with a chilly cascade. And there are also two whirlpools that were beautiful. You have some beautiful trails for hiking and lawns for going out. - Teacher: The resort itself is a bit older than I thought.

Altogether a respectable place to spend the night, and one of the cheaper places on the isle, I'd say. The hotel is situated near the international airports and very centrally to the city and other local area. They were very friendly and the meal was tasty. It is an older redesigned resort that still needs some help.

We didn't run out of water and dripped most of the while. Even small particulars can make such a big deal in a guest holiday and sojourn at a resort. It is located near the international airports, which was ideal for our arriving in the evening. It is also the ideal place to explore all the places on the islands without having to go too far.

It was a beautiful place and we didn't have many troubles, if any. This resort allows you to use the swimming pools and beach entrance once you have cleared, which was a great reward. All in all, we would go back to this resort if we were back on holiday in Kauai.

We had a great quality stay with the Aqua Kauai Beach Resort. I wish the resort meals were a little more surprising than they were, but that's a little problem because the personnel was beautiful and always made us think we were welcome and care. Sandpool was a daily smash with our little Jake and Sam.

It was so gratifying that I found a way to write an extra weekly bonusesheet every weekend without giving up my jobs to do such travel! That resort was awesome. It was a lot of it and we were very pleased with how it was. It' s a great area: promenade with three swimmingpools, two whirlpools, a shaving rink, a barbecue on the beach and a local bar with livecom...

It was very neat and the room was very comfortable. If you checkout, they will keep your baggage all days and still allow you to use your own linen (even if you leave the house) and the pools. Located in the immediate vicinity of the international airports, the resort is an ideal place to relax for a days or two and get a glimpse of Kauai, especially if you have a delayed overnight trip to Kauai.

One of the bonuses is that the resort is equipped with a huge beach. Folks can awaken and walk on the beach or do a yoga session on the beach grass in the mornings. However, for a longer period you may have to move to either Poipu or City. Coming to Kauai twice a year to do businesses, and although I'm a member of another branded nationwide resort, the Kauai Beach Resort is my "go to the hotel".

Kauai Beach Resort is easily accessible outside Lihue, without the Kapaa chaos, and provides great beach services at a good price. Each employee I have worked with is a great Aloha experience and I am not satisfied with every part of my sojourn. Autoparking is very comfortable and near the entry to the hotelbas.

Cauai is the home of my own little isle. This is the place I have chosen because I was young at the beach and it is a wonderful place in a central location. Frustrated with the reception. We' ve been wrongly informed this mornings about the resort staff's entrance to the swimming pools. After refusing to help with a time-sharing session (we only had a few lessons to swim), we tried to get help with the problem and bought bracelets from the villas associated with the resort.

Just to find out that the woman was at dinner for 2 hrs, we had to go to our cave tour. Who' d have thought it would be so hard to sit by the swimming pools and buy beverages while my children were swimming?

I' ll never make a reservation at the resort or villa. Bali, Indonesia is a much better place, less costly, and the swimming pools as well as pubs are available to all without conditions. It is located near the international airports and other favourite destinations. From the beginning of our week-end until the minute we left, I was very pleased with this time.

It couldn't have been better our first one in Kauai! One or two minutes from the beach and the beach?! Too good to fit. She said, however, that it was okay to sign up at the front and take advantage of the hotel's facilities until our room is up!

Arrived at the motel, booked in the front and apparently we were all ready to make PLUS an update to our room, which was beautiful! They gave us a pile of cards: hand towels that we had to exchange every few times we needed a hand towel for the swimming pools (you don't give the ticket back at the cashier, you just give $30), a ticket for unrestricted movies/games (PS4 in each room ), & cardkeep.

There' swimmingpool is area is quite astonishing. Small cascades along the swimming pool & even a waterslide. Wish we were here longer! Every time we come back, I always remain here. Advantages: extremely kind personnel. Centrally located Beautiful swimming baths and whirlpools. Little beach scarves.

The beach is the hardest on Kauai. While I wanted to sit back and let us go and post a reviewer, I see that there are some recent 1-star reviewer and I want to give others a different perspective on this resort. I' d give 10* to the Kauai Beach Resort if I could!

We' ve been in Kauai for almost a saturday now. Had it been just me and my man, we could stand it and be hanging around the beach every day from the powder till noon. So, we agreed to leave the property and stay 2 overnight at this resort.

When we arrived there was real life tiki dancing by the swimming pools. After check-in, we went directly to the swimming pools. If you are travelling with a baby (toddler), whatever you choose to hire a home or hotel/resort, make sure they have a pools! This room is astonishing (we are still here)!

There is a wonderful sea and swimming area. Altogether we have another full working days and I have to thank the Kauai Beach Resort for making my girl smile. Our honeymoons are a unique and pleasant experience at Kauai Staff and will help you in every way.

SWIMMING POTAS ARE NOT WARMED. We' ve spent a whole sunday with two small childrens just to find out that the swimming pool is not warmed up. My own personal experiences show that a resort with open swimming pool in January would warm the pool for use. Those swimming pools are not. After their first try, my two babies did not spent much quality energy in the swimming pool.

All of the swimming pool was empty, with 20 guys in a Jacuzzi. Swimming pool, water slide included, was the main reasons why we stayed in this property. Beautiful situation on the beach, but the beach is full of garbage and hazardous. However, do not expect the swimming pool in the conservative seasons.

You have also enhanced our room, which we found very pleasant, with a beautiful sea views from the terrace. They have a fantastic swimming area and very well shaven icecream. It is about a 5 minutes walking from the beach and we were enjoying the dawn from there. Parking their own vehicles compelled those who wanted to drag their things over pebbles to the city.

And we really love to be here and we are planning to return to Kauai and remain here again in the near to be. I' m really recommending this place. It was an astonishing total immersion in this resort. I wish we had more free in this beautiful place! From the beginning, the park's employees, the personnel at the front desk, the Shutters Lounges, were all so polite and inviting.

It' been so good to talk to you. We had a very neat and beautifully furnished room. After all, I used to love the place where this resort is located. A cold sea breezes blows around the clock when you are in the lobby or swimming area. There are about 3 swimmingpools in this resort and it is great pleasure to unwind in the area.

We' d like to be here longer if we'd come back to Hawaii.

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