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American-Samoa residents are sueing to become citizens of the United States Americans Samoa resident in Utah have filed suit for nationality, a right they say they are warranted by the Fourteenth Amendment of Constitution. Samoans are free to exercise U.S. nationality, but Tuesday's suit argued that they should not be subjected to the protracted and costly naturalisation procedure because they were borne in U.S.


Plus, he emphasized, "there is no guaranty of success" for American Samoans who choose to follow their nationality through the $725 bidding procedure, which can become more expensive if they get the help of solicitors. But Fitisemanu is obliged to foot the bill like any other US national or inhabitant: "It's a kind of clericalitz... Hey!

And Fitisemanu said. For the first in 2016, his case for American Samoan nationality was dismissed in a D.C. tribunal, which decided that the American Samoans were not entitled to the constitutional right of birth. Supreme Justice dismissed Weare's appeals against the ruling. American Samoan authorities themselves consider the prospects of US nationality to be somewhat slick and argue in 2014 that the Samoans could jeopardise their civilization if they are subjected to the "review under the age of 14.

For Samoans like Fitisemanu, however, the nationality he has long been looking for as a citizen of the USA would be a confirmation.

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The American Samoa is a small island in the South Pacific and consists of five volcanoes ('Tutuila, Ta'u, Ofu, Olosega, Aunu'u, Nu'utele) and two reefs ('Swain's and Rose Islands). It covers about two third of the island's surface area and is home to 95% of its 64,000 inhabitants.

Around 1000 BC, South East Asians came to the Samoan Isles and populated the remainder of Polynesia from there. In spite of contemporary influence, the Samoans still adhere to "Fa'asamoa", the Samoan tradition, which is linked to their own languages, clothing, cuisine, traditions and even possessions. on Tutuila Isle.

Oceania, archipelago in the South Pacific, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. Humans: American-Samoanian((s). Samoans (Polynesians) 89%, Caucasians 2%, Tongans 4%, others 5%. Saamoan (closely related to Lawaiian and other Polish languages), English. Cobalt pumice (very lightweight, corrosive vulcanic stone).

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