American Samoa Traditions

Samoa American Traditions

In contrast to traditional national parks, where the federal government owns and manages the country, all the lands are in the national park. American Samoan Thanksgiving Thankgiving in American Samoa was just like Thankgiving in Chicago, only with a touch of the tropics, more sand and less snows and another ancestor. On Wednesday, Sasha and I spend a few hrs on handicraft work leading to handmade turturkey serviette rings/placecards, an isle centerpiece, a'Thankful Coconut' and a Duegiving play list (including'It's Thanksgiving' of course).

Most of all, we had a proper (and by proper I mean AMAZING) Thanksgiving party on our little cliff despite the present shortage of food on our little cliff, as there have been no airplanes or boots for some while. Junior and Cat as our classmate Turkeys. On Thursday mornings we went to a so called Thanksgiving worship where we had a Samoan breakfasts afterwards.

Dinner included tuning fish sandwhiches, shrimp and shrimp soups, genuine Bananenpudding, another broth in half a Kokosnuss and Kakao Samoa. We were offered enough to eat for about 3 times in a typically Samoan manner. We drove home after breakfasts and began the preparations for Festival No. 2.

When Tautua had asked at breakfasts what we were doing at Thanksgiving and we declared our intentions to everyone (me, Sasha, Matt, Chris, Jason, Diana and Niu). When we heard that we made chickens instead of turkeys because we were not able to send one, he said we should take the extras they had in their home, which turned out to be the one that his cousin had won in the lunch competition the night before.

Tautua's generous size and Chako's dining skills have enabled us to enrich our celebration with filling, cranberriesauce, maize, mash, maize, verdant broadbean, cookies, gourd sandwiches and brows. Had you asked me at Thanksgiving last year how I envisioned my whole year, I almost certainly would not have said that I am an Englishman on an isle with less than 800 students.

And, if you asked me today what my vision for next year's Thanksgiving would be, I'm not sure how I would react. What I do know is that although I couldn't predict my own lives, what it is now, I couldn't be more grateful for how it worked.

So, while I haven't foretold my own world. I' ve been to places where the overwhelming bulk of the population, even the Samoans, have not been. I' ve walked the highest point of American Samoa, walked along the south shore of Ta'u and swum with marine tortoises on an untouched one.

I' ve made life-long friendships and have developed both as a human being and as a teachers. Merry Thanksgiving to my boyfriends and my whole group!

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