What to do at Oahu Hawaii

Things to do in Oahu Hawaii

This could be the difference between a happy holiday and a boring one. DIAGRAPH 1 We have a thorough knowledge of the destinations and can make suggestions on the basis of your needs and tastes. This is just one example of what our destinations specialists can do for you. At night you will go back to your accommodation to drink at the reception and dine.

Well, if you only have a little detour to Oahu, that should do it. Japan's location of the December 1941 assault on the US navy at Pearl Harbor, which drove the US into World War II, is commemorated with the US-Arizona Memorial, where the lost vessel - the grave of 1,177 crew members - is seen under fortyÓft.

Pearl Harbor Memorial contains two memorials reporting on the US assault and commitment during World War II, which you can view with an experienced guidebay. Breakfast with refreshing moothies and acai peelings is followed by a trip to the Waikiki Plantation Spa, which is situated on a rooftop and offers an unbelievable view of the sea in all directions.

One of a kind treatment combines old Hwaiian technique with modern therapy to unwind the spirit and your soul.

36-hrs on Oahu - The New York Times

The Hans Hedemann School has been surfing for two centuries and has its own store at Turtle Bay Resort (lessons from $95). Once you've practised your pop-ups and bottom turns, you' re ready to see the professionals work on the shafts at Sunset Beach, the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay, the venues of some of the most prestigious surfing competitions internationally.

During a recent winter trip, 40 to 50 foot windsurfers from all over the globe were attracted to the mythical Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, a competition that only took place when the open sea winds reached at least 20 foot to provide the perfect 30 to 40 foot surfing in Waimea Bay (the last 2009 edition took place before this year).

This department store is full of other old Hawaiiana: old Waialua sodas flasks, post cards, Aloha tshirts, "everything unusual". Once you're done, walk across the car park to order a seasoned $13 prawn tray from Fumi's Kahuku slap truck - freshly covered from the nearby prawn ranch and serviced with lettuce and a sliced apple - and eat it at one of the shady pick nickels.

Priest's Valley, 2:30 pm For more than seven hundred years, the precipitous rainforest area of the Waimea Valley was the intellectual headquarter of the indigenous Hahwaiian priest-in-chief, Mount Kawaiiankauni. Today there are 1,875 hectares of botanic garden, waterfall, hiking paths and some of Hawaii's holiest archeological sites: churches, tombs, fishing shelters.

Walks for all skills are possible, from a relaxing 1.5 miles long botanic gardens and water fall hike (bring swimsuit!) to a 7 miles long ascent to sheer ridge lines and sea view (entrance $16). If you are looking for a picturesque place to have a nice cocktail or a meal, Turtle Bay Resort is the place to be.

Begin at Lei Lei Lei's Barbecue & Barbecue, conceived as the Tom Fazio Resort's 19 th pocket course; it has a laid-back public feeling that draws a pleasant blend of natives, golfer, surfers surfer and hotelgast. Sundown and sea view strolls to the Point, the resort's swimming poolside with a view of Turtle Bay, and order a barbecued seafood taco platter with salad of pineapples prepared with the daily freshly caught game.

In the evenings there is often soundtrack - there is a good chance that you will also see surfer, tortoises and canoeists on the beach, and the discussion in the evenings is interrupted by gargoyles through the "blowhole" of the coastline, while the sea waves spit through the cliffs in front of the cafe.

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