Nagigia Island Resort Kadavu

Kadavu Nagigia Island Resort

The Nagigia Island lies off the coast of the western end of the island of Kadavu, Fiji's fourth largest island, on which the village of Nabukalevu-Ira is located. May offers Kadavu a more modern atmosphere than other resorts. But I couldn't find that much information. Search hotels; Fiji;

Kadavu Islands; Hotels in Vunisea; Airport Vunisea. The Seafan Alley is located below Nagigia Island at the far western end of Kadavu and offers some of the best visibility divers are likely to see underwater.

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Was anyone on faraway land???? We plan a wedding trip for April 2006 and a stay in Fiji for one weeks after our New Zealand trip. I really like what I've seen about it. Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway?????? Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway??????

Re: was anyone on the beautiful little village of New Zealand's Taranaki??? signmond101 You are from Taranaki in New Zealand? We' re living with our family in Raglan, but we would appreciate any suggestions for our New Zealand sojourn. Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway?????? Fiji Bull! Those who like to surf will enjoy watching the waves.

It is a great place and I have already reserved many people there for a surfing holiday. It is definitely not a Surfcamp in the meaning that it is backpacker-like. Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway?????? I also have a woman who is not a surfboarder, just trying to work out long to remain on the Isle, what other appeal you would say the naigia have to message.

Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway?????? Trying just to work out long to remain on the isle, I also have a woman who is not a surfers what other appeals you would say the naigia has to message. Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway?????? If you are on line, we are also planing a journey to this place!

What was the transportation from Nadi to Kadavu? Re: Was anyone on New Guineaway??????

The Yanuca Island Resort - Surfing on Earth

The frigate handle must be one of the least known world-class lefthand drums on our brightly lit planetary surface, as it is 12 leagues off the major Viti Levu in Fiji. Rather, windsurfers arrive at the frigate reef from the paradise Yanuca Islands (pronounced Ya-NU-tha) and spend the night at Yanuca Iceland Estate, a true windsurfing destination operated by windsurfers for windsurfers and nearest to the breaking.

The Yanuca Iceland Estate and the Isle is nothing less than a paradise, just a stone's throw away from the major Viti Levu islet, the Estate is like the departure from Gilligan's Iceland and must be one of the best places to link to the world-class frigate passage axle.

Surfcamp is a bit sparse, but neat with 4 boers for 12 people. Swimming, relaxing in a hammock, diving, fishing for your supper, hiking on the islands, exploring other lovely sandy spots and the stunning view of the frigate reef and Laguna of Beqa. The Yanuca Iceland Resort, home of the world-famous Bega Laguna, is just a brief cruise from Pacific Harbour and less than an hours drive from the capitol Suva.

Sleep at Yanuca Iceland with a true surfing feel and the welcoming Fiji community that own the area. Situated in a sheltered, jungle-covered bay, this gorgeous little seaside retreat allows you to immerse yourself in the hot ocean from the unbelievable whitish sand before. Dining is a traditional meal in traditional Thai cuisine, you will eat your meal on the boats at the shore or on the isle.

The frigate passport is a world champion on the lefthand side, amidst the crystalline clear water of the Beqa Lagoon. Fiji frigates are one of the most enduring windsurf break in Fiji, from long and quick sides to top-down canals. EARLY sessions can be your top of the list, you will be the first to reach the breakers, as we are the nearest boating route from each of the resorts to the riff passes, and our lucky boaters want you to get ahead of all the other outwaves!

Dinner on the boat: Or if you would rather eat your meals on the run, you can take some sanwiches, fruits and fresh air with the Yanuca team. Just imagine....Bola prepares your dinner while you are surfing your brain out..... with good sound when you are there between April and October.

While there are many times when surfing is done all or part of the afternoon, on the third surfing holiday many sailors save energy by taking breaks and snacks. Time to go - the best time of year for a frigate. Windstorms under Australia and New Zealand are windsurfing establishments that continue their course after pulsating swells in the Mentawais, Nias, G-land, Ulu Watu, Desert Point, the Western Australia coastline and then Bell's Beach and Raglan, to name but a few.

The frigates, however, receive from December to April some of their largest and strongest cyclone bursts near North Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Coral Sea. However, frigates are an extremely southerly orientation and only the small Kadavu Islands, about 60 nautical mile to the southeast, influences the sea.

Much of the sea breeze caused by the trade winds from December to April swings further around the south rim of Kadavu, on the island of Nagigia, and goes on to breach frigates, a great way for kegs from top to bottom from the peak. Incl. breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, with teas, coffees or juices contained in the prices.

With up to 12 people, our place is the ideal place to relax for vacationers, windsurfers and sea lovers. Apart from Namotu and Tavarua, most Fiji Surfspots can only be surfened at high water or thrown away by the trade winds for a few hour. The frigate handle's not like that!

The frigate reef is a perfectly shaped, empty, world-class left-hander that can sail all days at low and high tides.

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