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The city is surrounded by stores, street cafes and art galleries, not to speak of walks or bike rides along the boardwalk, the inhalation of the ocean and the absorption of Mediterranean sun. It' simple to get around the Isle of Palma by road or local transportation, so you can hike a mountain walk or come to one of the pre-Christmas cuisines.

Situated in a sixteenth c. edifice right in the heart of Palma, with Nordic architecture and stunning view over the town and the Mediterranean from the rooftop patio, double rooms from £195. It is a really good place to go shopping and now is the right moment to buy your conservatory.

Marc Fosh is located directly on the Carrer de Sant Miquel, which is bordered by fashion and footwear stores. The Juan March Foundation Museum has more works by Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Tàpies (Carrer Sant Miquel 11; 0034 971 713515; You can reach the España Pub (Calle Can Escursac 12, 0034 971 724234; from 20/£17 for tapes and wine) before 9pm, as it is quickly filling up.

At the Santa Catalina Fair (Plaça Navegació; Sunday closed) you can buy casseroles and other regional specialties, where you can also find great tapa and Mallorcan winebars to prepare for your trip home. There is an open-air fair on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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Mallorca [7] is the only real town on the Balearic Islands and the Balearic Islands capitol. It is a town on the isle of Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands off the eastern coastline of Spain. It is the Balearic capitol and the biggest town in Mallorca; the number of inhabitants in Palma was around 400,000 at the beginning of 2007.

About half of Mallorca's people live in the town. It is located at the northwestern end of a cove in the southwest of the Mallorca Isl. It also has responsibility for the Cabrera sub-archipelago which includes the Cabrera, Ila des Conills, Estells, Imperial, Redona, Foradada, Plana and Pobra islets.

Palma takes its name from the ancient Romans on the site of the present town, although the area was initially inhabited in the Bronze Age. It was captured by King James I of Aragon in 1229 and became an important commercial town. It was in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries that Palma experienced its blackness, when the attack of the pirates of Turkey and Berber and the Black Death brought about a marked détrat.

During the early eighteenth c. the French and Hispanic armies invaded the islands, and King Philip V banned the rule and cultur. Later Carlos III founded a free trading agreement with the Indians, which had an enormous influence on the finances in Palma. It became a touristic town in the 50s and the number of tourists grew continuously in the following 50s.

It is a bustling trade and culture centre of Mallorca. More than half of the island's inhabitants live in this area. Vacation period is from the end of April to October; from November to April the temperature is between 20 and 28 °C and may necessitate a wellingtop.

Today Mallorca is one of the most important tourist destination in Europe, with many visitors from all over the world every year. It is a Modernist and chain of hotels and eye-catching stores, but it is still very much preserved and dating from the old architectural style, with the old part of the centre with small alleys and the renovated church proudly located in the centre of the cityscape.

Palma Municipal Airports (IATA: PMI) is the largest in Mallorca and offers day-to-day services from many of Europe's towns with domestic and low-cost airlines. Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea[8] operates the area. The PMI is only 9 km from the heart of Palma. The EMT line 1 operates between the seaport, the downtown and the international airports every fifteen min. between 6:15 am and 2:30 am.

On the same side, a 25 (Express - 15 min.) or 15 (Local, stopping many a time on the shore 30 min.) brings you to Palma for 1,50 ?. Taxi fare from Mallorca airport is 29? (s'Arenal, Platja de Palma, Ciutat Jardí, Portitxol) and 35? (Palma City Center, Port de Palma / Palma Cruise Port).

They can also make reservations on-line, reserved cabs are waiting for their clients at the Meeting Point, which is situated in the centre of the arrivals area. The TIB [9] operates rail links between Majorcan cities. There' s no rail connection to the Aiport. Estacio Intermodal, the principal railway, coach and metro stop, is situated on Placa Espanya in Palma.

Ferrocarril de Soller' is running the picturesque electrical wood railway from Placa Espanya in Palma to Soller, in the northwest of the isle, from where you can resume your recreational trip to Puerto Soller by electrical tram. In Palma, EMT manages municipal public transport. The TIB is the main operator of short-distance busses to places around the Isle.

The EMT Line 1 will take you from the Palma city centre to the outside docks of the major port (where most large cruisers dock). Bus 21 takes you from the Arenal International Park. From September 2016 the fares for lines 1 and 21 5,- for non-residents of the isle.

For all other EMT locations in Palma, the price is ?1.50. Palma is offering a shuttle buses in order to cut down on drunken drivers and get fewer weekend drivers to drive at school. There is a 1? price and the whole way is via the notorious maritimo´ maritimo´, where the best nightclubs in Palma are located.

Palma has an unlimited number of cruiseships and a number of ferries to other Balearic Islands and the Spanish Peninsula: The Alquilers of Mallorca[12] (ph 620269020) Denia, Valencia, and Ibiza. Busses and trams are the two types of local transportation in Palma de Mallorca.

Locally owned and run by the Empresa Municipal de Transportes Urbanes de Palma de Mallorca (EMT), these busses are very common. You have a particularly good cover of the beach and the center of the town. Timetable and tariffs are available from the town council[15]. Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM), Mallorca Railway Services, operates the principal rail network.

Palma Citysightseeing Coach (line 50 on the EMT cards [16]) runs through Palma and comprises touristic sites such as Pueblo Español and large retail centers such as Av. Jaume III and Porto Pi as well as the ferries and trading docks. They cost 15 grown-ups and 6.50 kids for one 24 hour ticket, which is much higher than other citybuses, but they are for a change within 24 hour, and this is the only line to visit the Castell de Bellver.

From the cathedral the first coach in the cathedral departs at 10:00 in the morning and the last coach in winters at 18:00 at the same place. The Castell de Bellver provides the best views of the Palma Gulf and the town. Palma's historic center is the oldest part of the town.

It' also a place where you can take a stroll on one of Palma's hottest, damp days: the roads are small and sheltered. The old town also offers many attractions: Cathedral of Mallorca[18] and Cathedral Museum, C/ Capiscolato, 2nd Tel: 971 72 31 30 or 971 71 31 33, Fax: 971 71 93 87, e-mail:

Mallorca's magnificent disaster is near the seas. Arabian baths are the only one in Palma that dates back to the Arabian settlements. It does not seem to be signposted from the city center, but simply follows the signs to the Parc de la Mar (the seaside park).

Situated only a few kilometres west of Palma de Mallorca is Cala Major (Cala Mayor). It is located in front of the La Seu church, next to the lovely boardwalk. It is one of the most attractive places in Palma for biking. The ELLA International Lesbian Festivals is a 9-day cultural, sport, musical and artistic event that unites several thousand girls on the lovely and sun-kissed Mallorca.

You can try to find a job in English, British or Spanish pubs and diners, especially in towns outside of Palma such as Magalluf, S'Arenal and Peguera (for German-speaking travellers). You can try to wash daily work boat in the marina Palma´s in Palma. sobrassada - raw sausages, characteristic of Mallorca.

The Plaça d'en Coll: formerly a rather good place in the Casco Antiguo of the old part of Palma, with some quite respectful pubs and cafés, but with the inappropriate and slightly disturbing appearance of the "traveling population" with their huge San Miguel supermarket-style bottle in dark red cardboard sacks.

Café Port Pesquer, C/- Moll de la Llotja ph 971 725 868 or 971 715 220. Mallorca's high seasons are between July and September. Booking particularly early during the holidays or week-ends in the UK or Germany, as Mallorca and Palma are particularly well-liked resorts for those from these states.

Recensions describe this three-star resort as a good place near the beaches and not far from the Aiport. Doubleroom 69 per overnight stay (high seasons, 16 July - 15 September), 49 per overnight stay (low seasons). Isla Mallorca in Plaza Almirante Churruca, 5th ph 971 28 12 00 (Fax 971 45 65 03 (e-mail protected)),[22].

Recensions describe this well appointed and near the business town. Twin room with bed and breakfasts only 100 per day (high rate, July - September), 80 per day (low rate). Doubleroom with all food 140 per day (high season), 120 per day (low season).

This small and charming guesthouse is described by critics as being situated in a renovated sixteenth c. house near the church, and the rooms are furnished in a contemporary style. This is a good choice for a group of 4 to 6 people travelling to Mallorca. Playa de Palma villa for 16 people: The Arcadias is situated in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, 15 min walking distance from the Plaza de España.

Palma port, Cathedral and Almudaina Palace are only 2 km away. Watch out for pick-pockets when you walk around the mall. When you stop on one of the many patios in the center, keep an eyes on your belongings and never let them go. You' ll probably find girls who offer cathedral floral arrangements.

The majority of areas of Palma can be reached safely even after nightfall. After nightfall, it is not advisable for the visitor to walk alone through the empty alleys of the old town and of El Terreno. Keep in mind that Palma de Mallorca (like the other Balearic Islands) is full of cocaine. From Soller railway terminal, you can take the tramway to Port de Sóller, on a large canal.

Sóller harbour is full of tourist amenities and stores and offers stunning vistas from the top of the town.

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