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Samoa American Time

Samoa boys celebrate time zone changes. Would you like to know what time it is now in Pago Pago American Samoa or just the current time difference between American Samoa and Kenya?

Time in Pago Pago American Samoa

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If a bell rings in American Samoa

Two of my pupils came up to me during the first day of my schooling in American Samoa. "Miss, we won't be at our little church because we have to ring a church bells. They make a legal apology (I have a very important future Slackers of America session at Taco Bell), offering for the instructor to call your folks (my mum is actually the President of the organisation, call her if you want) and corrupt park safety (so I'll get back a scrunchwrap and mexican pizza, no meat).

Clocks are a way of living here. The number of Sunday's is not counted if they are more frequent than Activa's speaker. I now use the way I used my iPhone to control my live, using a ring. Do you have the time? Well, the bell's gonna tell me.

Coming back, I'm thinking about creating the Samoan bell' application just so I don't experience an inverse cultural shake. "Bell," it turns out, is a very noble name. While you are at sa, you are supposed to pray calmly with your hosts. Mesepa, my American Samoa town, has what is known as" sa".

" I was told in one place or another: prohibited, curfews, prayer time, and sound protection. Of what I could say, "sa" is like the dining bell....if the dining cup was forced by unfortunate-looking bodybuilders in tunics. Every single bodybuilder (in Samoan "aumaga" - local police) rings the first Sa-bell at 5:55 am.

Kids who play in the cemetery next to our home usually throw a few NFL-suitable vortexes before they walk home. Sat begins with the 6:00 clock bells. While you are at sa, you are supposed to pray calmly with your hosts. In this case you are supposed to be on the road with your hands across and staring at any car that dare to pass through your town.

Sat ends seven mins later when the third ringing of the doorbell allows visitors to go back to their open-air time. Now, who decides that seven miutes of prayers is the right amount? Of what I can say, it is more a proposed bed time than an effective ban on going out. Sat makes only three of the everyday clocks.

This serves as a barricade for kids or grown-ups. Don't worry, you can be out after lockdown. Of what I can say, it is more a proposed nap time than an effective ban on going out. I' m guessing the head of the hamlet really wants to make sure everyone in the city gets enough rest. They will tell you when to go to Mass, when to say a prayer, when a cyclone or tidal wave is going, when to meet and when to go to school.

Clocks are just as much a part of my everyday lives as boys in school. They are the best clock I have ever had - even if they are inclined to run on the isle.

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