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Postcards Norfolk Island

I am a lover of photography and my second home on Norfolk Island. early unused postcard with view ST. Maps; recycled driftwood artwork; locally produced Norfolk Island gifts & souvenirs.

The Two Chimneys Wines is the first and only winery in Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Island Predecimal Wesley Covers.

A postcard report from the world: Northfolk Island

The Norfolk Island is a very nice island. Norfolk pines are everywhere. But the administrative offices and the center are now in Burnt Pine. The Norfolk Post in Burnt Pine. As of July 1st, Norfolk Island will lose its Australian territoriality.

A lot of the island's population isn't overjoyed. From the stamp's point of views, this means that the Norfolk postal service will no longer be there. The Australia postal service takes over and a new postal service. Australian postage is only effective from July 1, and the Australian postal service is occasionally required to release Norfolk postage stamps such as Cocos and Christmaas Island.

You can only use a certified postal delivery with an AU-coded Australia Mail envelop. There is a choice of postage stamp at the postal counters. However, I happened to bump into the new Australian guys who set up the new airplane offices, so I got the brief.

And Norfolk has some nice postage. Lots of visitors here and lots of postcards. A lot of very unhappy to lose their parliaments.

Auction Number 196

  • Stamp-size article by John Carmichael for the Two Pence "Sydney View" in blue-black on middle-sized piece of brown with large, even edges and deeper, full-color.

Origin: John Hutson "Manwood" (Robert Siegel Öffentliche Auktion No. 770 of Wednesday, November 8, 1995, in New York) This original theme is clearly different from and very similar to the accepted and published one. There is a prominent location of the vessel in the back, the sail is outstretched; on the displayed draft it is referred to a subordinate part, at anchors in the docks.

This is not, however, just an unacceptable draft. Graveur polished the board to eliminate the face value, edge characters, and the whole center tablet, and then reengraved these designs to position[19] on the board with 24 motifs (12x2)! On page 33 of his "The Postage Stamps....of New South Wales" (1911), in position[19] of Table I, the important collector Arthur Basset Hull states that the other features - the backdrop, the intricate parapets on the side and the equilibrium of the lettering ".....are completely identically line by line" with the essays.

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