The best Fiji Islands to Visit

To visit the best Fiji Islands

You will find accommodation everywhere for all areas from super luxury to backpacker fun. This is how you get to Fiji Fiji, in the centre of the South Pacific, is an exceptional tourist resort, mainly from the USA. However, do not let the remoteness stop you from visiting the shimmering turquoise water and sand that welcomes people year-round.

While most travellers come by plane (Fiji is about 10 hrs from Los Angeles and San Francisco), it is also possible to see Fiji from a ferry. Make sure you reserve your trip in time to safe your trip and get plenty of sun protection. Fiji International is Nadi International and is situated on the isle of Viti Levu, although there are several other local airfields in the state.

It is the registered airline of the country and operates frequent air services between Fiji and New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some other carriers also fly from Nadi International Airport, but many of them need a stop in New Zealand or Australia. As Fiji Airways sells and sells frequently, be sure to look for bargains when book.

Think about organising a journey that covers both Fiji and New Zealand or Australia, as the locations are only a few flight miles apart. The majority of Fiji cruise ships stop at Suva, the nation's capitol. The Fiji Islands are part of several cruise ships around the South Pacific, which usually take place between September and April.

Also, celebrate crosses go to the islands and stop in Lautoka and Suva. There may be very little available for South Pacific charter trips that stop over in Fiji, so you should make your reservation at least one year in advance. Please note that we do not guarantee this. Ask your preferred tour organiser if a particular route offers enough travel and cultural opportunities to discover Fiji.

US citizens receive a four-month tourist visas upon entry into Fiji, either by air or sea. People are not allowed to reside or work in the Philippines without a permit, so make sure you get the right residency or work permit early if you are not on holiday.

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