New Zealand South Island Trip

South Island New Zealand Trip

This adventurous traveller is on his way to New Zealand, but the hardcore adventurer tries to travel to the South Island in one week! New Zealand two week tour - The entire South Island route Scheduling the ideal two week trip to New Zealand can be a demanding job - there's so much to see that you can't really see everything. When you have two week, we recommend you spend it on an island, and we recommend two week on the South Island. To be honest, three week just to discover the South Island is better, but we made it in only two week and saw almost all the best.

While our two-week trip to the South Island is quick, this is the best way to see everything the South Island of New Zealand has to show. It is Christchurch that is the centre of the South Island and your two days in New Zealand begin here. A round-trip is the best way to explore the South Island.

From Christchurch we took this southward direction from Christchurch, but even this could be undone slightly. Had we spent two wards in New Zealand, we would have done so here, looking back on our times in this astonishing state. You will find below a daily travel schedule for a great two-week trip to New Zealand.

We' ve detailed everything we've done in our two week trip to the South Island, hopefully it will help you in planning your trip. We start our tour in Christchurch, actually the previous one never ends because we have an night in Auckland before we really start our journey. Quickly and inexpensively we found the way from the international airports to our car hire firm with the local coach and a beautiful stroll through the town.

The beautiful blue sea, encircled by hills, was the place to stop for the first few days. All I' m complaining about is that I wanted more free rein here. We hadn' t enough power from travelling to hitchhiking (in case you didn't know that hitchhiking is what New Zealanders call walking, not what the US folks think).

On Mt. John, near Lake Tekapo, there is an astronomical station facing the south. The trip came at a great moment because I had been looking forward to pointing my cameras at the sky for some considerable amount of me and got a shot at last. I' even got some advice on how to catch the star with the photographe.

Great excitement not to drink a cup of hot chocolate this mornings, oh and the backdrop pond was beautiful too! When we drove away from the service area of the first overnight, we pointed to the city of Twizel and the Pukaki-See. That' s why I came to New Zealand, not just that, but you know what I mean.

In this area the glacier feeds the ponds, which we will visit later on this journey, and there they also get their astonishing bluish colour. It must have been that we must have been spending too much of our day at the pond, not seeing a penguin and taking photos of cliffs, because we came to our camp site much later than we had anticipated.

Just in good season, we drove in to watch a breathtaking sun set over a nearby, undulating pool. Anau itself is a lovely little village with stores, eateries and a very large ornithological sculpture. It was a great opportunity to enjoy a few hours before we went on our trip, and it was a great experience to be there.

There are the famed worm's just a 25 minute cruise outside Te Anau from the cavern. So we crossed the pond and went into the cavern with Royal Journey's so as not to interfere with these fiery beings of the time.

stopping at Mirror Lake, Eglinton River and a few others. At the farthest campground to the northern side on the way to Milford Sounds, Gunn's Lake, we wanted to spend the night, but it was crowded and seemed like a partyscene. It is also the base for a brief stroll along Gunn's Lake and the nearby wood.

Begin your walk around Lake Gunn trails winding through woods overlooking the Lord of the Rings. Quiet Lake Gunn also offered some astonishing reflexions of the far away hills. When you take this street, take your free photocells.

Seems like if you're talking to someone who's travelled to New Zealand, they'll tell you, "Milford Sound is a must," well, I'll let you choose from the images to see if they're right. City of Queenstown is like an open-air theme playground. Why not a 700 hp Jetboat trip through a canyons?

The best thing we've done during our two week stay in New Zealand is to jump out of the air! We' re going parachuting with Nzone outside Queenstown. Well, why not put a turbojet on a sub? Shootover Jet-Boot, the real jet-boat, puts two twin jets on its boots!

That' not even the weird part, they take you to a small section of a stream, not to a big open one. They have astonishing controls and the riders are carving down the stream, which looks like a safe fall, then in the last second the rider turns the ship away (probably in the direction of another gorge wall).

Those astonishing maschines are able to go 360's in the middle step, one second you go ahead, then next you are using the same path, but with a pretty damp 360 in the middle. This was already a full days of adventures, but we had another action in us before we returned to our camper van for the evening.

Climbing the summit of Queenstown at dusk, we took the cable car almost 600m. Magnificent viewing of the Remarkables, and a beautiful local view of the town. According to the season the eclipse is hidden behind one of the puzzles, but it was still beautiful to see all the hills with the gentle sunlight of theset.

I had a great time not going anywhere today, peach (our campervan) had the rest of the year. After that we remained in the same place as on the 4th and had a wonderful view of the magnificent mountain. The 6th of a two week stay in New Zealand in the lovely little village of Glenorchy, less than an hours from Queenstown.

Here begin some big walks as well as some small and daily walks. This city of 400 inhabitants lies on the north shore of Lake Wakatipu with a magnificent view of the mountains. Today's highlights come again in the shape of a Jetboat, but this year more on the attractions and landscape of the lovely part of the land we were in, not just for thrill.

The Dart River Jet Safari began with a short trip to a very popular farming site, which was shown in more than a few Hollywood film. It was a great way to enjoy the afternoons, to learn about the forests and the composition of this area.

We took the Jetboat after our stroll to explore the very windswept Dart River. They were built for this type of stream, and a full days trip on a Jetboat is not without a couple of 360s! Opposite the sea of the city of Glenorchy there are some hot and interesting summits, together with the wet weather we had taken for some interesting pictures.

Parking was at the nearest DOC site in Queenstown, Moke Lake. It was one of the best places to spend the night when you find yourself in a motorhome in Queenstown to get out of the hustle and bustle around with lush hills and lush vegetation.

Nowadays it' all about classic Queenstowns! The Bungy's home is our challenge: Over the Kawarau Bridge lies the home of Bungy. Begun 25 years ago here in Queens Town, since then innumerable humans have made the 43 meters long jump in belief. Nobody has ever experienced his destiny on one of the Bungy Jumps at AJ Hackett's, but it wouldn't be a poor last chance, the shining water of the stream below.

You can even dive into the sea during your bungy jump. We then continue up the street to New Zealand's highest point, the Nevis, 134 metres from the bottom of the sands. The Nevis Swing is one of the newer versions of the Bungy Jump Action weapon.

It' more of a combine of traps like bungee jumps and flies. Bonuses for those who want to skip but are too cowardly, this has the possibility that the bungy player flips the button and sends you on your way. Whatever you decide for Bungy Platform, it will make your tick.

Many of these two-week trips to New Zealand are reversed, but not today. Douple up for just $3 more and make a big enough to break down lightly, but local arguments that you need to tackle it ( "keep in mind these are the same folks who will tell you to leap off everything in their city).

You would fill the pasties if you didn't starve, or divide a sweet little treat into $5-6 each. In 1867 the staff has $3. 50 lbs of monetary (5 flavors), from 5-6 every single diurnal, $4 every possible other ti. With all the exciting and adventurous activities of the last few weeks in Queenstown, we were planning a chill-out to take in the gentler side of this area.

Exploring the relatively young winelands around Queens Town with the expert leaders of The Queens Town Wines Tour. There would be a whole afternoon of adventures in Queens Town, so we buckled Hannah up and let her run off a winged crag! When you can't have the guts to get out of an airplane or bungee jump, kite flying could be your thing.

Buzz like a hawk high above the hill outside Queenstown. We' ve made sure that we parked the motorhome in Queens Town before we had a tasting. To drive a colorful motorhome on the other side of the street after trying a good glass of quinstown white beer.... probably not a good notion!

A friend won't let a friend drunk and a campervan! There seems to be a zoo, an amusement or a wonder of nature around every other part of New Zealand, so we stopped the whole thing with the film. A 5+ hour drive in a motor home must be set off, and we have found the best way to do this is to get out and leave it on foot.

Climb up (and in) the chance to visit the spa gardens in the city of Franz Josef. If you are looking to explore the New Zealand icebergs, there are a few things you should know before you go or choose where to be. At the front rim of the crevass, where you can hike, is thick, compressed snow, but in summers the temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius.

Once we left the hill, we drove to the northwestern edge of the island to visit Able Tasman National Parks. Shortly before Able Tasman we reached a stop after more than 400 kilometres and several hikes. Out of Marahau we canoe up the shore for about 12 km and into the reserve with Able Tasman Kayaks.

Since I first planned our New Zealand trip, I wanted to get a foothold on some of the great hikes. On Saturdays and Wednesdays, the city of Nelson and the neighbouring municipalities find their way into the city centre for refreshments, art and craft.

We' re staying in the city for some groceries outside the shop windows around the square. New Zealand's degree of breadth is perfect for the cultivation of the small amount of lush vegetation that makes beers... beer: hop! When we were in the city, we took care to examine some regional tastes and verify the hop as well.

Its first station was a house with a less sacrilegious function, once a school. One of the original stations that triggered the New Zealand draft beers: the next station: Beautiful hops profile on all and a stop worthwhile if you are between Nelson and Able Tasman.

We' ve taken care not to take too many samples so that we can remain near Kaikoura, where our next day's activity would take us to see the astonishing underwater world off the seas. From Nelson to Kaikoura along the coastline is a lovely trip and a great way to end the days!

Well, this is New Zealand, not Sea World or Mexico, where you dive into a swimmingpool of captured sharks to posing for some kitsch. Sailing into the 15C (55F) waters, the skipper takes off in front of a huge sheet of ferocious Dusky Dump.

The Kaikoura is really a unique place in the whole South Island area. Begin the last of your two week in New Zealand with an early morning wake-up call. Cetaceans are inclined to leave the coast only a brief cruise away in the vast canyoning system.

Following our Kaikoura trip and the farewell of the cetaceans, it was finally decided to say farewell again, this year to our faithful and colourful camper van, which we call "Peaches". Following our Kaikoura trip and the farewell of the cetaceans, it was finally decided to say farewell again, this year to our faithful and colourful camper van, which we call "Peaches".

In our 14 day trip to New Zealand we will cover 2 km (2015. 8 miles). After that we stayed 14 nights on the whole South Island of New Zealand. So we hired a motorhome to make a big tour around the South Island, the caravan took us everywhere. After 14 working nights we had to spend far too many hrs in "Peaches" (yes, we called our campervan), we were glad to be able to give them back to the lender.

In New Zealand we were in several places in a stick-on shoe state. The food out would be slightly $15-30 per passenger, we had all the food in the van except tract of McDonald's icecream cone ($0. 50!) and our one trip to Fergburger ($32 for 2 burger and 1 roast). It is our real wish we had another one or two weeks on the South Island and that we had enough free space for the North Island.

Perhaps next contingency.

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