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New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, French Polynesia, Marquesas. The World Atlas Map Of Fiji Save New Lebanon Copy Maps is part of great design ideas. World Map of Facts information about Fiji Beautiful Guide. In Fiji On world map Location of our islands.

Where' s Fiji? The Fiji location on the world map

What is Fiji on the world map? Fiji is situated about 1,100 northeastern of New Zealand in the South Pacific. The Fiji map also shows that this insular land has the nearest neighbours: Vanuatu in the western part, New Caledonia in the southwestern part, Kermadec (New Zealand) in the south-east, Tonga in the eastern part and Tuvalu in the norther.

The Fiji consists of an arcipelago of more than 332 archipelagos, 110 of which are inexhaustible. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the two largest and most important of the two isles, accounting for 87% of the overall populations. Suva, the capitol is located on the isle of Viti Levu. Fiji is part of Melanesia.

Most of the Fiji islets are of vulcanic origins. Fiji's climatic conditions are temperate and temperate throughout the year. Its main source of income is the tourism sector and the export of sugars. Today, visitors from all over the world choose to come to the area, especially young couple.

It is one of the most popular places for honeymoons in the world. Fiji is a democratically elected multiparty country, representing the parliament.

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