Kadavu Airport Fiji

Fiji Kadavu Airport

Fiji Kadavu Airport, Kandavu Airport, Vunisea Airport, KDV, Fiji Flights Kadavu Travel Fiji Airport. Kadavu's road network is very limited, so you usually have to travel by boat. There is a shuttle bus from Kadavu airport to the place where your boat departs. Direct flights from Nadi International Airport are on most days of the week. Airport Kandavu (Kadavu Island, Fiji).

Flight to Kadavu Island, Fiji (KDV) 2018

Receive a warning when the price falls from Frankfurt to Kadavu Island. The rates are on a return journey with a return journey between 1-21 nights after your arrival. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee. The nearest airport to Kadavu Island is Kadavu Island.

There are at least 3 internal departures every fortnight.

Airport Kadavu, Kadavu, Fiji

The Kadavu Airport, situated in (or near) Kadavu, has a 2,400-foot ( "732-metre") long take-off and landing area. Geographical co-ordinates of this airport are 19 degree, 3 min, southward (-19.050) and 178 degree, 10 min, eastward (178.167). The Kadavu airport is 2 meters above the surface. The Kadavu Airport, near Kadavu, Fiji, is in the UTC+12 area.

It is designated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the airport identification number KDV. ICAO uses NFKD when it refers to Kadavu Airport. Unfortunately we have no information on the website of Kadavu Airport.

The best hotels near Kandavu Airport (KDV)

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Airport Kandavu, Fiji (Code :: KDV)

This Airport Localizer is a very useful utility if you plan to go to Kandavu or any other Fijian town. On this page you will find full information about Kandavu Airport together with the airport layout, timezone, latitude and longitude, actual date and hour, near airport hotel, etc.....

The Kandavu Airport Maps shows the position of this airport in Fiji. The Kandavu Airport IATA Code, ICAO Code, Currency etc..... is also offered. About Kandavu Airport: Airport Kandavu address / contact data : Are you looking for information about Kandavu, Kandavu, Fiji airport? Get detailed information about Kandavu Airport. Check the Fiji chart for the Kandavu airport and the Kandavu area.

It is a very useful airport location for travellers to know where Kandavu Airport is and also to get information like hotel near Kandavu Airport, airline companies flying to Kandavu Airport etc..... The IATA and ICAO codes of all Fiji Internationalports. Browse down to learn more about Kandavu Airport or Kandavu Airport, Fiji.

The nearest Kandavu, Fiji airport is shown below. There are large airfields near the town of Kandavu and other airfields near Kandavu Airport. On this page you will find all information about Kandavu Airport, Fiji. The purpose of this site is to help travellers and visitors who visit Fiji or travel to Kandavu Airport.

Kandavu airport situation - town name, country, country codes etc..... Kandavu airport map on Google Map. About Fiji, where Kandavu Airport is situated in the town of Kandavu. The general information includes Fiji assets, Fiji money, Fiji money rates, telephone country codes, US dollar and euro rates for the world's main foreign banks, etc....

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