Uvea Songs

The Uvea Songs

Sung by Uvea and Futuna,. Songs by Uvea and Futuna / by E.G. Burrows. Sings by Uvea and Futuna.


Lieder by Uvea and Futuna, (Book, 1945)

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Find any library containing this element..... Title of the series:Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulgaria, 183. Tag for "Songs of Uvea and Futuna". Maybe you have already ordered this article. Lieder by Uvea and Futuna,/Edwin A Burrows; Honolulu, Hawaii, The Museum, 1945.

Sings by Uvea and Futuna / by E.G. Burrows. - revision information

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Folksong Stil und Kultur - Alan Lomax, American Association for the Advancement of Science

On his journeys he encountered the great blue vocalist Huddie Ledbetter ("Leadbelly"). Later Lomax was in charge of launching a number of popular Dutch band and jazz band members, among them Woody Guthrie and Burl Ives. Perhaps his most important work is "The People' s Songs of North America" (1959). Together with his dad he also released a number of works, among them "American Ballads and folk songs" (1934) and "Folk Song":

Besides his work with folksongs, Lomax was very interested in the historic and societal roots of Japanese music, and he composed a remarkable autobiography of the early musician Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton with the title "Mister Jelly Roll" (1950).

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