Easter Island Size Comparison

Osterinsel size comparison

Cabanas Christophe, Easter Island on TripAdvisor: " chose our room by bed size and thought they were all good rooms." Locals who lived on Easter Island did not conserve their resources. Comparison with the entire planet is somewhat extreme, as Easter Island is an isolated island and too small to be considered an appropriate sample size. Comparing the evidence for what happened on Rapanui during.

Easter Island compared to other Pacific Islands!

The Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua, which means "hub of the world" or "end of the country", is often regarded as the most secluded place on the planet. Situated in the isolated South Pacific, 2300 leagues westward from the Chilean continent and over 1200 leagues from any other island.

It is a triangle and very small island so that anyone can wander around the shore in less than two working nights. This enigmatic island was found by Jacob Roggeveen in 1722. Moai, the huge, enigmatic, stony minds found on the island, are very large, almost up to 10 meters high and weigh up to 75 tonnes.

This is the secret...how they were cut and by whom...How we can say that the first mai was built at the beginning about thousand to 1500 years ago, when Polynesians came to Easter Island and the mai woodcarving up to about the 17th centuries was carried on by humans with stoneware but not with metallic implements, and without energy resources other than their own mass.

After a lot of scenes the mai were part of an ancient and funeral worship. As many as the timeline and dates of the moais or how the moais were cut and touched or the origins of Easter Islanders or petroglyphics and the Easter Island writing, which are still largely unexplored today, and the manufacture of moais ended with the Easter Islanders deforesting their lands and bringing destruction of the environment to their small island.

Finally the wood was completely cut down that all types of wood, all kinds of terrestrial and most kinds of seabird are withered. Today, 2000 island inhabitants live on Easter Island, but are infertile and poor of indigenous animals, especially indigenous animals and only a few kinds of seabird.

It seems that we can liken Easter Island to another part of the globe, Tikopia, where mankind has been in uninterrupted existence for millennia, with no sign of a break. A lot of hardships exist about these isles and their "life"! And I think that everything I said above makes good use to let us analyse and clearly find out what is going on in this situation...Personally I like to analyse and investigate these enigmatic issues...that make you more creativ, make you expand your minds and make you think you've disc...that you've been there.

These are some pictures of the two islands:

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