Wellington Nature Preserve

The Wellington Nature Reserve

It' a very nice spot. Wellnessington Environmental Preserve - Parcs - 3491 Flyinggow Rd, Wellington, FL Situated far out in the Southern Blvd and off the beaten track of the best road name ever. It' very nice and for the whole familys for hiking and biking. It is a huge wetland in the midst of arable land. There is a uniquely Florida setting and it seems like there are kilometers of walks or bike rides.

As it is so secluded, it's no wonder you don't meet many folks here, but the gardens feel very well looked after, and there are also many amazingly neat toilets scattered along the way if you need a Pit Stop. A very quiet, very singular and Giantic for those who like a long, long stroll.

WELLINGON environmental loop

It is a well maintained cobbled path connected to a dirt track about half way along the 3 mile hike. When I finished the stroll, I thought it was not very pleasant to run on the dirt track, unless you just want to go in serenity. After ascending to the lookout it might be better to retreat to see more wild animals.

There' s some marsh bird, and I saw a couple of ospreys fly around the lookout towers. You' ll be able to listen to a series of bird calls as you take the path and along the beach promenades. Actually, I would rather take it as an open -air stroll than as a trek, as there is no shadow when hiking, this would only be pleasant in the colder Florida seasons, not in the hottest, wetest.

The Wellington Reservation open to the general public on Friday

An irrigating grass channel on the west side of the villages will purify the drainage of tens of thousands of hectares, strengthen the Everglade's vitality and give the visitor an insight into Florida's old living space. It has joined forces with the South Florida Environmental Management District to establish the Wellington Environmental Preserve, which will be open to the general population on Friday.

This 365 hectare nature reserve also acts as a reservoir for rainwater outflow. "No one wants to flood," said John Bonde, Wellington's assistant executive. It imitates the pristine state of the Mount of Everglades, with highlands and marshlands. "It' like Florida before folks came," Bonde said. Waders, geese, ducks and gators have settled in the area.

There is a 6-storey lookout over the reserve. It is planning to establish training stands throughout the reserve to provide information about the flora and fauna they see. Wellington' s $16 million hydro program was funded by the County. Wellington' s Acme Improvement Area is planning a $500,000 per year reserve maintenance budge.

It began under the 1994 Forever Act, which mandates the removal of phosphorous from the waters that flow into the river at the time of the Forever. "That', said Cynthia Plockelman, the first deputy chairman of the Audubon Society of the Summit, is the last thing you want to do is bring phosphorous into a marshland.

"It' s gonna suffocate everything so you don't get any motion in the water." The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, which nourishes the Everglades, received half of Wellington's phosphorus-rich outflow. "We' re going to capture it before we get there," said Randy Smith, a spokesman for the Department of Public Works.

Wellnessington constructed or refurbished seven of its rainwater pipes and broadened and redirected channels to divert the rainwater into the reserve. A two mile wetlands, coastal shelfs and sea bedded sediments in the reserve purify the waters before they enter the hut and on to the summit of the Mt. sands. Audiences are welcome to the opening of the reserve, which is planned for Friday, 10:00 a.m., 3499 A. M. May.

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