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Samoa Plantation House - Apia It is a must in Apia, to be frank, I have made 4 trips in 2 week, loving, loving, loving, loving the nicely crafted and Samoan articles from Plantation House. Personnel friendliness and very helpful...l.

The only issue now is what I should give away as a gift or keep for myself, I want to keep everything.

When I make the final buy, MY purple ring, it makes me think of the beautiful Samoa and Plantation House. Thanks again to Plantation House. Christmas order is here and everything is great, especially my little surpris... Thank you for shipping my little package to Sydney. So much I love this place that I had to go back the next morning and buy more......amazing place, beautiful people and just unbelievable products....I'll be back when we come back next year.

It is an astonishing experiance to walk through the Plantation House. Thanks, Marita, for being so kind from the beginning.

Samoa Ombudsman

Mr President, the Ombudsman's office is currently investigating his second progress in the field of respect for fundamental freedoms, this year with a focus on the right of disabled people. When you have a handicap, take charge of it, work with it, educate it or just know a disabled people and have a history to tell, we would be happy to hearing from you.

To know what it's like to live with a handicap in Samoa, the good and the evil. We' ll present some of the most pertinent tales (anonymously) in our closing story. It is about respectfulness, decency, equality and safety for all, everywhere and every day. It is a matter of relations between people, groups and the state.

In the field of fundamental freedoms, it is a question of living, educating, health, work, safety, equality of opportunities and equitable treatmen. Mr President, the Ombudsman's office has published with pride the first ever Samoa HRR. It provides a thorough evaluation of the most important questions of Samoa's respect for mankind and explores the relation between Fa'a Samoa and man.

It is the climax of an extensive phase of consultations in Upolu, Savai'i, Manono and Apolima and is truly a review "For Samoa, From Samoa".

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