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NevryDry Divers is Maui's highest rated dive center. Kihei Maui Dreams Dive Co., Kihei. When you want to experience the best diving on Maui, you've come to the right place! Well, you will love Maui diving!

To the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town.


There are more places we scuba-drive than any other in Maui. Scuba-drive one or all of the 4 isles of Maui County. If you only want to try scuba dipping, get certificated or want to resume your certifications, we can help you. Find out about our scuba education opportunities. From IDC Staff Instructor to IDC Master, we provide a wide range of trainings.

VA, GI Bill and other optional extras are available. Find out about our range of vocational trainings. One of the oldest PADI 5 star diving centers in Hawaii, we provide diving to more island and diving spots than any other diving company in Maui. Two 46' Custom Newton diveboats provide a convenient cruise to any of our diving spots.

Our diving vessels are certificated for up to 36 scuba diver, but we restrict our vessels to up to 24 for you. Diving is possible from flat water diving to deeper diving. Every isle is a different and varied diving event, so no two are alike.

Most of our berths provide entry to several diving spots. We have everything from fringe coral riffs and sea creatures to adrenalin rushing drifts. Diving courses are also available. We can help you from the introductory course to the PADI Staff Instructor and everything in between.

If you want to try scuba dipping, come to our introduction course and see if scuba dipping is suitable for you. If you want to become a scuba diver, take a look at our advanced workout programme. There are many people who believe that the southern and western shores of Lanai provide the best in the world of Hwaiian scuba. No other resort in Maui County provides the variety of scuba dives that Lanai has to offer. 2.

The Turtle Reef is known to scuba diver for its vast reef garden, which stretches from the top western side to the south tip of the isle. A drift in sometimes violent currents and chopy sea, known for the opportunity to see some of the great pelagic waters. Trickle diving for advanced scuba diver only.

Combined with the wonderful view of Molokini, this is no less than charming. Molokini Backwall is a current diving from a living vessel for expert scuba diver only. Current diving on Lanai's best 3 intermediate logged diving available this year. Usually we go to diving spots that we only go diving with this chart.

Buoyancy drift from a living vessel for advanced diver only. For 23 years as a Lahaina catcher until its demise on 13 December 2005, its new site offers a stunning diving spot that offers a one-of-a-kind chance to discover a submerged vessel that has drawn a varied range of aquatic creatures and corals.

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