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Tahiti Moorea

The island of Moorea, with its trident shape and two famous bays (Cook and Opunohu) was formerly called Aimeho (or Eimeo). The Moorea, which means "yellow lizard", is surrounded by wide and shallow lagoons. Locate hotels on Moorea, pf online. The Moorea, Tahiti Surf Bungalows is a perfect excursion for families and couples. View pictures and our review of Moorea.

Everything about Moorea, Tahiti's magic island

It couldn't be simpler to visit Moorea: It' s just a 10-minute or 30-minute high-speed cruise from the Papeete Gate in Tahiti, but its spectacular, towering scenery and undeveloped coastline, bordered by humble towns, makes it far away from contemporary civilisation. Featuring an amazing array of world-class resort choices, a great variety of attractions and activites, and some of the most readily available adventures in Tahiti.

In addition, room prices are slightly lower than on some of the more distant Tahiti Island due to its favourable position. There are a few things that make Moorea, known as "the magic island", truly unique: There are beautiful sandy areas, Tahiti's only course and a huge and unbelievably luxuriant interiors, among them the Opunohu Valley with all kinds of exotic plants and fruits.

Moorea, with its eight peaks, also offers some of the most beautiful panoramic views in the South Pacific, which can be accessed from vantage points either by rented cars, a 4X4 trip or on your own touring. In the shadow of the world-famous laguna of her more illustrious siblings Bora Bora, the water of Moorea is teeming with people.

Moreover, the two coves of the isle are not only geographical markings, but also meeting points for cruisers and entertainment boats that gather to admire the many beauties of Moorean nature. With an area of 80 km2, Moorea is one of the most popular Society Islands in Tahiti and is home to some 16,000 population. It' only 10 sea-mile away from the Tahiti isle.

Moorea's small airfield is on the north-east seaboard and is accessed from Air Tahiti and Air Moorea from Tahiti's Faa'a International Aiport. The flight lasts 10 min. and starts about every half hours. You can also take an Air Tahiti flight from Moorea to Bora Bora, Huahine and Raiatea.

Transport to and around Moorea is quite simple. As a more economical option to air travel, high-speed ferry services make the journey from the shipyard in Papeete's Wasserfront to the Moorea ferry terminal at Vaiare six flights a day for about 30 mins. Most of the hotels offer transport from the Vaiare airports or from the Vaiare ferry terminal (to be arranged in advanced with your hotels or travel agents).

Taxi services are available and local transportation, known as Le Truck, runs between the pier and the major towns along the island's county highway. Numerous tourist enterprises carry out 4X4 tours to the uplands. It has no city centre, but houses a number of small towns such as Paopao and Haapiti.

It' simple to stop by on a round trip or trip and try many "made in Moorea" produce such as pineapple and marmalades, liquors, coconuts, and other rural produce. Not an extraordinarily large isle, Moorea's form of hearts is adorably singular and its geography is one of the most catchy in Tahiti.

Inside it is a rag rug of shining leafy glades filled with working orchards and pine apple orchards - all encircled by eight curved mountains. Stands here and enjoys the wide view of the two huge coves of Moorea, Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay, which overlook the northern shores of the Isle. Moorea is accessible by 4X4 rides or walks and has several inner falls that lie deeply in its verdant and scenically charming canyons.

Only stores open on Sundays are situated in the hotel and resort areas.

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