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I' ve read many self-help books to look for tips to overcome fears and nothing has helped. When you suffer from fear, then this blog posting is for you. The reader finds no lack of useful contents, which are presented in a sympathetic and inspiring way. When you accept that you're afraid, you won't fight it anymore. At the Dentist : plus d'anxiété chez le dentiste :

Realities of Fear

" This year I have worked very very hard to learn more about who I am, where I come from and where I am going. To know who I am helps me to appreciate myself more. It makes me feel more at ease with my ordeals in this lifetime, why I have them, and that I don't always have to go through them.

I' ve recently come up with the concept of writing Bible texts by Shannon on The Red Headed Hostess Blog, and I've been spending the last few month trying to create my own. I' d like to tell you what I've done, hoping to help you get interested in the study of the Scripts.

When you are reading the Bible, the Book of Mormon or any other scriptures, you can put this notion into practice in your studies. When you are not a believer, you can use the same approach for anxiety related quotations, elevating thoughts, favorable confirmations, etc.. What's the point of keeping a diary? "Often we do not hear the most valuable sense of the mind because we do not note and answer the first inspirations that come to us when the Lord wants to guide us.

"Elder Richard G. Scott "I have found out how I am sure it is important to make a memo so that it is not forgot when trying to understand the mind. As you not only listen, but stick to what you have been given, the more the Lord will give you.

It' going to come faster and faster and you will start to listen to and sense these ghostly sensations faster than you have done before. "Older Maxwell In the few brief month that I began my Bible studies, the wisdom I have learnt and kept is more than in the years that I only read one section per diem (that's how I used to learn).

The primary purpose of making Bible texts is to give them to my kids as a piece of my inheritance after I am gone or when they are old enough to appreciate them. Like Shannon said (I paraphrase) - it's a way to teach my kids after I'm gone. I' m giving Shannon in her blog full recognition for this concept and thank her for all the work she put into dividing her diaries.

I' d like to help make the message known to more readership because it's rewarding to share it if it will help others to spiritual growth. First, you have to choose a few diaries. When you are planning to keep it easy, choose a fed journaling where you can write a lot that has thick pages so that your printer can' t run through the inks.

Etsy's copy journaling kits. I was planning to be more artistic and wanted to embellish my guards with scrapping supplies so I purchased a copy number. Though this may be a little more extreme, but for me this is my fanciful valve, so I needed an empty sailcloth. Every journaling will work. I have TWO diaries, just as I arranged mine.

One, which is for chapters for chapters trial and another is for topic-based trial. It is a recording of what you learned during your Bible studies. Some are diary notes with my own insight from a history, others are analyses of the characters of the persons I have read about.

This is a piece by Shannon talking about how to do one. Up Date: I am now sellin' downloaded journaling in my other blog here if I am interested. These are some more of my diary pages and my technique related manuals. This is my wall that I keep for my writing magazines, if you want to use it.

This will list pages, lectures, quotations, etc. that I want to add to my diary somehow, or artwork I want to use. She even has some magazines you can buy that are already furnished and willing to go (I have purchased a kit and they are really great to describe how to study).

This is a paper with some of Dana Cockrum's own design by The Red Headed Hostess.

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