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But they get a pass because it's Maui. ! ACT NOW and reserve a FREE SEAT for the first History Theatre on Maui! Once the home of kings, Lahaina is now a popular destination for visitors to Maui because it offers an unspoilt snorkelling world and a unique cultural atmosphere.

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Lahaina WTF is situated above Lahainaluna High School, next to a 1 million gal reservoir that was finished in December 1995. Lahaina WTF was finished in June 1997 for about 10 million dollars. Part of the money was provided by the DOE, in return for 100,000 gal of clean drinking waters per night at no expense to Lahainaluna High School.

The plant uses micro-filtration to process superficial waters and chloride to sterilize it after the process. Kanaha Stream is the plant's main spring with an annual output of 1.6 million galons per year.

Sea Shells Restaurant & Bar | Lahaina

Javier, Dave and Julian, after years of life in Maui and working in the services sector, have chosen to open a shellfish restaurant/bar that will provide the fellowship and visitors to this wonderful little town with their own distinctive South Aloha lifestyle! Including breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner & night out!

Dow the Hatch - A Place to Éat has the best shellfish, with fresh local produce, we are proud of our fishn' chips, Mahi Mahi tacos and Ahi cuisine. We' re adding our Southern Aloha touch with our Chicken & Waffles and Shrimp Po'Boy, but we have a wide range of favourite Hawaiians like our Local Style Plates, Lobster & Crab Grilled Cheese, Calamari and more!

There are handmade drinks and beer in our restaurant. The longest Happy Hour on Maui (daily 2p-6p), with your favourite coctails from Hawaii for only $5 (Mai Tai, Pina Coloda & Lava Flow), $4 Wells, $3 Selection Drag, & 20% Off Appetizers.

Top 10 Restaurant in Lahaina, Maui

with the best Lahaina dining, we have 10 more places to see. Aloha Misched Plate blends various food from different Asiatic communities that migrated to Hawaii and is situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, where the best of Maui and Asiatic culture meets.

Featuring the award-winning Aloha Plate starter with pinapple jelly, the newly prepared pasta with terrayaki steak and chinoiserie, and the Aloha Plate signatures meal, a mixture of shootu chickens, live seafood and terijaki steak. For an occasional start or supper, Aloha is the place to eat while overlooking the water of the Maui' s sands.

Fleetwood's On Front St. With its historic song and story telling ceremonies of sunsets and award-winning wines, Fleetwood's On Front St. is an elusive place to visit. Established by the UK based Mick Fleetwood, the restaurant serves regional dishes with an air of internationality. There is a choice of sandwiches such as the barbecued corn salad and freshly baked cakes.

Other Fleetwood meals, both classical and folk, such as fried kurobuta cutlet, barbecued grill and parmigiano aubergine are on the menus. At weekends, the famous Sunday breakfast buffet offers meals such as crêpes or the typical Fleetwood cakes. HONU is run by the Ellman familiy and lies on the banks of the Lahaina River.

Hawaii's stylish handcrafted decor makes it an indispensable place for shellfish or pizzas for lunches or dinners, or simply to share a cocktail with your loved ones. There is something for everyone on the menus at Hansonu, with shellfish specialities such as roasted oysters with cabbage salad, fries and Korea's own kioli or a la planecha golf prawns and asparaguses with a blend of moon and tomatoes and capersalsa.

HONU offers a wide range of typical goat's stove pizza with the selection of toppings for a more tradition. Kaanapali Hula Grill is an genuine open-air Hula Grill with an adjacent lounge where visitors can relax and indulge in a cocktail while immersing their feet in the sand and enjoying the view of Molokai and Lanai beaches.

Serving a meal that includes delicious Hwaiian dishes made from locally produced and newly captured shellfish. Select the stickers for lobsters and scallops, the Hula grilled chickens with freshly boiled lime sauce or the bio iso-toofu with native greengrocer. You can also enjoy our homemade cakes. For the Hula Grill Kaanapali and Kaanapali bars there is a large choice of domestic and foreign beer, along with typical artisan cuisine.

Lahaina Grill is a modern, all-American barbecue using the best of the world and the best produce from Hawaii' traditional peasants to offer its clients exhilarating dishes. The Lahaina Grill was first opened in the 1990' and then extended. Lahaina Grill, with its ambience and excellent services, has become one of the most prestigious and award-winning places on the islands of Maui, set amongst the pictures of Maui painter Jan Kasprzycki.

Lahaina Grill's menus consist of cutting-edge US cuisine with a hint of Maui, along with the best Hwaiian coffees and the best sweets. Longhi's was established in 1976 by Boob Longhi, whose obsession was to combine his favorite dishes with a pleasant atmoshere.

In addition to his own work ( "Longhi's: Reflections from Maui's Most Exposed Restaurateur"), Longhi's has been awarded several prizes. Longhi's menus are based on tradition, whether you are looking for a cozy breakfasts or a sumptuous evening meal, the Longhi restaurants offer a wide range of regional and international cuisine, as well as a choice of wine imports.

Old Lahaina Lau offers the culmination of the authentic local cuisine. The old Lahaina Lauau will bring the old Häwaiian festivals and dancing performances, the Lau, to its visitors in an exciting and colorful ambience. While waiting for the beginning of the Lahaina program, visitors have the opportunity to discover the magic countryside of old Lahaina Lau and take part in various guided tours by the employees of old Lahaina Lau.

Once the Lueau begins, visitors can savour a rich and varied dinner of buffets, which includes the famed Maui maihi, Hawaii' yams, lettuce and the much-loved Pua'a cheese sauce at ? Roast under the earth in the local Hawaii' Tradition. Pacific'o Seaside Restuarant is the ideal place to explore the Lahainas seaside ambience while savouring modern flavor.

Pacific'o's'Farm-to-Table' menus are managed by its chief cook Anton Haine, one of the best up-and-coming cooks in Maui. His specialities include typical meals made with home-made fish and sea food, such as Korea samba, a pair of fried steaks of roast tamarine tahinis, rillettes of mutton and demigalde with mash of potatoes or the Pacifi'o specialty meal at ? Maihi of roast and squashed macadamias, accompanied by a spicy Jasm circle and Asian groundnut cocosso.

In addition to meticulously prepared meals, Pacific'o also serves a range of internationally renowned import wine and typical drinks. The Penne Pasta Café is a cosy eatery with Mediterranean food and is situated in the centre of Lahaina. There is a wide range of hearty choices of traditional Italien food, from hot and spicy pasta with chickens' parmesans and baked pumpkin, to genuine pizza and flatbread such as pepperoni, tomatoes and mayonnaise, or hot chocolate biscuits with balsa and dips of oleo-o.

The Penne Pastas Café's own specific dishes are also prepared every single working weekday, such as Lambsso Boucco with noodles, prawns or fried chickens. Bringing along Japanese immigrants to Hawaii, shaving rice is a time-honoured treat for those looking for the true Aloha adventure.

This is exactly what Ululani's Sonic Guest House has to offer its frequent customers and first-time customers with four sites in Maui, two in Lahaina and others in Kahului and Kihei. One of the best shaving rinks on the islands and award-winning, Ululani's uses 100% virgin sucrose and provides more than 30 native hawaiian and world flavors.

Ululani's shaving rice and its position make Ululani's Shaving Hood Shaving ices very recommendable.

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