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It is only one of the many beautiful beaches of Maui. Schedule your visit to Maui with free routes, guides, activities and maps. Build your own personal travel guide to Maui with comprehensive information on all the top attractions. Página > Frequently Asked Questions > Travel tips > When is the best time to visit Maui, Hawaii? I think, sometimes not so modest, RARELY is a bad time to visit Maui.

Top 5 Causes to Visit Maui NOW

Summers may be over, but with the year-round tropic conditions in Hawaii, there's no better way to get your holiday on the isle. And, with every of the islands offering abundant sandy beach and (delicious) meals, it is only part of the pleasure of choosing to visit. For another purpose to visit this particular place, look at our five main causes to come to Maui today:

Maui may have become familiar to you because of its luxury coastal towns, but what you may not know is that Maui was once an isle best known for its sucrose plant. One of the state's second biggest islands - the Valley Isle - was once home to more than 36,000 hectares of reed beds used by the HC&S Group.

Over 30 years many Maui inhabitants have maintained the work and lives around the flourishing sugary farms and even today you can take a look at these historical areas when you visit the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museums in Pu'unene. See for yourself what it was like to work in the sugary areas and experience the historical engines and vans up-close in the award winners area.

Lahaina is much more than just a cultural port city, from unique restaurants to souvenir stores and colourful arts galeries. Just 40 minutes by car from Kahului International Kahului International Park, Front Street is situated on the north west shore of the country and offers a variety of stores and historical attractions, all in the immediate vicinity.

No matter whether you come from another state or another isle, take your next journey to this fisher village and see for yourself what whales are all about. If you want to take home the ultimate gift, there are more than enough shops to offer everything from handmade jewellery to trendy clothes perfectly suited for a downtown nig.

Use the back roads and weaving your way into the secluded and amazingly stunning city of Hana, also known as the gem of the valley island. The" Strait to Hana" or "Hana Highway" is a 68 mile long, luxuriant rain forest that will enchant you with its spectacular cascade falls and picturesque coastline.

With more than 606 bends and 59 single-lane footbridges, it is no wonder that most of our guests would rather ride with an expert rider and a kind tour leader - such as our beloved Heavenly Hana Tour. Haleakala overlooks the remainder of the isle and is a hot spot on Maui because of its vulcanic terrains and its stunning landscape, which lies over 10,000 ft aboveseas.

With the nickname "House of the Arising Sun", Haleakala is home not only to some of the best sunrises in the whole wide globe, but also to some threatened varieties that can't be found anywhere else. When you are thinking about an excursion to this old emblem of Hawaii, you can take a tour with our Haleakala Sunday Tour and see for yourself why Haleakala stands out from the crowd.

However, no matter what season of the year you arrive, just take a coat with you - this caldera is known to cool down and the temperature can quickly fall below the typical mild climate in Hawaii. Ho'okipa is known for its quiet location and is a favourite place for canoeists.

You will not only find the quiet sand beaches that are visited by local people every single night, but you can also see a Green Sea turtle (honu) or two slackers in the shallows. With life-swimmers, pick nick desks, toilets and shower facilities, Ho'okipa means "hospitality" in the Hawaiian world.

From a barbecue area to a sea bath, Ho'okipa has the best of all the world with quiet tidal swimming areas to explore and a viewpoint that' s just the thing for sailing and sundown.

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