Garden Island Resort Fiji Reviews

Fiji Garden Island Resort Reviews

Taveuni Island, Garden Island Resort. Taveuni Island, Garden Island Resort: The last review I did was about the people of Fiji. The Garden Island Resort is suitable for everyone, even serious divers, for those who prefer shorter boat trips and for those who have a smaller budget in mind. This reef and inexpensive packages make it one of the best dive resorts in Fiji.

Niceest folks! - Past observations Garden Island Resort, Taveuni Island, Fiji

They have a beautiful diving base, nicely groomed, managed effectively, with astonishing skills of the area between which they know and show it! Well-staffed.... smiles and friendliness... noted that everyone took particular concern for the older ones..... and were singing a nice goodbye tune as we sung!

Taveuni Fiji - Review Garden Island Resort, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Complete check: The resort has got fervent reviews here with many points, although to some extent I almost wonder if the decks are deliberately piled up or if the excitement about the dive distorts the overall assessment of the resort? In all my reviews I would like to point out that it is important to give some basic information about the reviewers so that you know their perspectives (a 5-star traveler will evaluate the place very differently than someone who lives in a 2-star hotel).

I' m looking for the best value, probably spending a little more than an ordinary holidaymaker, but don't go under 3-star - which usually puts me somewhere between a 3-star and 4-star resort. I am a SCUBAiver but this is one of many things I do. Usually I only do one a year.

I' ve been to Caymans, Aruba, Cook and Maui. As an exception, I was not the organiser of this journey to Taveuni Fiji. Consequently, I did little research on where I was going, so I had no specific/high hopes (except that generally, the dive was supposed to be good, the resort acceptable - not fantastic and the island quite remote).

Is the resort meeting all three of these general requirements, but is it rated 5 stars here on Trip Advisor? No. The resort has been awarded 5 stars. and I think that many critics here are either used to stay in 2-3 stars dive sites, or they have given their opinions about scuba too much importance when they give an overall view of the resort.

It is NOT accessible from the USA if you are used to going to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, the Channel Islands and so on. I guess on the whole it would be nice to somehow be in the midst of the top 10 places in the whole wide o?

This way you get 5 stars. 5-stars only for scuba-dipping. Aqua Tek is EXCELLENT in every respect. These rooms show their ages and are probably in need of renovation according to current US-standard. Well-being at the resort is fundamental, nothing imaginative, but sufficient and NOT in prime decay as far as I could tell how you could find as some resorts are of similar ages ordinarily.

There' s no white sandy beach near the resort (there is a rockfill between you and the water) unless you are kayaking for 20 min across the canal to a small inhabited island or taking a cruise elsewhere. Well, I think snorkelling is as good as scuba-dive.

Dinner is quite in-line with the resort as a whole. In Failry Medcore by resort standard but appropriate located. You will be so starved after the dive that you will enjoy a moderate dinner. So, a thorough choice of menus is the keys (ask other people what is good when they decide), so along with the resort itself, the meals are not something to be written about at home, but it is NOT inferior.

Exceptional mixed Tropic beverages are $12 FJ! Resort provides restricted spa facilities. These are the lowest rates you've ever seen in a resort. They may be told that they have no vocational education (at least according to US standards), but for the prize they do a German work, more than sufficient by the opinion of some folks I have spoken to.

Aside from the amazing tropic landscape and scuba dive, the climax of your stay at this resort is the great 4-person guitars that play for the nocturnal Kava Mixer. So much better (especially if you dive) to absorb a great deal of this material than a wad of spirit (or espresso indeed in my opinion.) The trouble is, most people are at participating Apprentice as they are kind of scared of it I think because they are not sure what it is (some probably think it is some potent poor taste drug.) Well, if you never drunk espresso before and it had no creme or candy you would think that espresso tast wrong too.

Please be aware that there are very limited opportunities for food and drink on this island. Another of the highlights of your stay at Taveuni is the 9-hole course with 3 pars. I' ve been there to scuba-diving ('and golfing') and seen enough falls in my Iife.

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