Ring Shaped Coral Reef that Encircles a Lagoon

Annular coral reef surrounding a lagoon

The atolls are formed by underwater volcanoes, the so-called seamounts a ring-shaped coral reef with a coral edge that partly or completely surrounds a lagoon. Atolls are coral reefs that stretch across the water, often in the midst of huge tropical oceans. That'?s our atoll ring. Both Bonaire and CuraƧao have fringing coral reefs that surround their islands.

It is a shallow area with sandy bottom, reefs and sea grass.

So what's an Atollo?

Atolls are a ring-shaped coral reef that partly or entirely surrounds a lagoon and is a widespread form of ocean land in many parts of the globe. So what's an Atollo? Atolls, just like other kinds of tropic archipelagos, include high-volcan and reef islets, are the result of the slow sinking of an oceansolcano.

Ongoing eruptions cause the seamounts to penetrate the sea and the top of the vulcano forms the sea isle. The coral reef that surrounds a vulcanic isle develops upwards when the isle falls and forms a barriere reef or an isola.

Due to the evolution of the sea organisms, an igneous tunnel is created, so that these isles are mainly found in hot tropic water. A number of theory suggest that an igneous tunnel is made up of islets that are eroded by the effects of sea currents and swells. They can only be found in the tropic and subtropic hot water of the sea and sea.

The most large atlls in the whole wide globe are in the Pacific, especially on the Tuamotu, Caroline, Marshall and Coral Sea isles. Mostly the Atlantic Ocean has small eight atols in eastern Nicaragua, which belong to the Colombian departments of San Andreas and Providencia. While the most northern are known as the Kure atoll and atoll of the northwestern Hawaiian island, the most southern are the Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs in the Tasman Sea.

It is the nearest apollo to the Eq. Most of the time, the island is low and less than five m high. Kiritimati is the world's biggest tunnel by surface area, measuring 321.4 sqkm. Sandshore of the Otolls have been an important part of human evolution.

However the deep-seated rise has proven to be very hazardous for the oceans and marine life. Since there are several avocets hiding through the marine wave, vessels have been beached or even destroyed on the concealed avocent. The majority of the islands are deserted because they are situated in isolated areas and are inaccessible.

Most of the atols were used as test grounds for atomic bombs by nations such as the USA, Great Britain and France. Initially, the bikini atoll was used to test the first hybridization. They are also appealing to the tourist.

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