Norfolk Island Beaches

The Norfolk Island Beaches

There is a perfect balance between rural charm and tranquillity by the sea, with unspoilt beaches. The Kingston reef on Norfolk Island is an exposed reef fracture with fairly even surf, although the summer is usually shallow. It is a popular beach resort for families who want to spend their holidays with their caravans and beach houses.

Beaches in the Top Ten with Emily Bay

Emily Bay, the Australian top 10 beaches we love so much, was voted one of Australia's top 10 beaches at the 2017 TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards. TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards are judged on the highest number and highest qualitiy of ratings collected in the last 12 month. Socials are often used by travellers as a decision-making aid, so it's great that Norfolk Island is getting this awesome presentation through the web giants TripAdvisor.

Currently in the top 10, if your families and boyfriends are enjoying Emily Bay, cheer them on TripAdvisor and check out our lovely sun! TripAdvisor's Travellers' Choice Awards - Top 10 Beaches in Australia:

Trip Advisor unveils Australia's best beaches

We are home to some of the most scenic coastlines in the whole wide globe, so it is no simple task to decide which is the best. TripAdvisor has analyzed million of review reports to publish its best beaches in Australia for its 2017 Travellers' Choice Award with some amazing (and not so surprising) results.

Not unknown, Whitehaven Beach took first place again. The breathtaking sandy beach in the Whitsundays led the ranking for the forth consecutive time, with many beaches in Queensland dominant the top 10. "Each year, our coral cliffs, islets and beaches are an attraction for million of visitors," says Leanne Coddington, Managing Director of Tourism and Events Queensland.

Also the less known Emily Bay on Norfolk Island was in 10th place. Just behind Whitehaven Beaches was Surfers Paradise Beaches, followed by Noosa Main Beaches and Manly Beaches - our legendary Bondi Beaches was a perceptible omit. "Austrians are passionate about the beaches, so TripAdvisor has selected the best beaches in the whole wide globe from million of travel reports, including those in the backyard," says Joanne Kershaw, TripAdvisor spokeswoman.

Do you plan your next vacation on the sea? With its seven kilometers of fine sandy beaches, clear sea and verdant promontories, it is one of Australia's most popular beaches. "The best beaches, cleanest whitish sands, and bluiest seas I've ever seen," said a TripAdvisor review. This' piece of paradise' is also one of Australia's most renowned thanks to this vast shoreline littered with high-rise dwellings.

"Wonderful beaches of eternal whiteness. It' s very neat and well patrolled," says a TripAdvisor presenter. Sydney and Melbourne can be found here in winters thanks to the family-friendly beaches, good windsurfing and boutiques. The first Australian daylit bathing and windsurfing in 1903, Manly was one of the pioneering beaches for windsurfing and seaside cultur.

Only a few meters from Australia's infamous Ningaloo Reef, it is also one of the most stunning reefs in Western Australia. "Lovely beaches, gold sand, family-friendly and light snorkeling. Well-known for its fantastic windsurfing you can also visit Burleigh National Park, known for its many lovely hiking and gamelife.

The majority of pictures of this section of the coast will show the popular Camelbacktrips. It stretches over 22 kilometers of untouched sands and offers stunning sundowns over the Indian Sea. It is a paradise for holidaymakers with sapphire-coloured water and snow. "There is something for everyone at this venue, with plenty of play areas, a bank to relax on and stunning sea and island views," said one TripAdvisorist.

It is also family-friendly and a great place for fun and adventure.

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