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Choose your perfect Maui tour. This is one of the most exciting car journeys in the whole wide globe....

which you don't want to do!

This is one of the most exciting car journeys in the whole wide globe.... which you don't want to do! Wander through the jungles, dive from the falls, marvel at the view, stop at restaurants, hike on either dark or deep sandy.... Probably the most underestimated and least travelled journey in Hawaii, the West Maui Ribbon offers a lot of variety: historical sites, breath-taking coastline vistas, breath-taking limestone formation, brief walks, tidal pool to chill out, blow hole, waterfall.... and perhaps the best sundae cake in the whole university!

Beyond the picture book shores, discover the lesser-known areas of Maui by crossing a variety of eco-systems, from the chilly fresh mountain country winds to the arid wind-whipped Haleakala hillsides to the warm and steaming Nu'u Bay coast.

their leaders

The tour guide is your host, quizmaster and hobbyist! Handle them as your new best friend - they will take you to every stop and provide interesting Maui handicraft facts on the way there. And yes, your guide will take your advice - how to ask attentively.

You will be on the road with elegance and convenience in our 14-passenger vans, which are dedicated to all aspects of craftsmanship. Fresh strained tapas, local handmade treats and mugs are provided on the coach, along with a gift pocket to keep all your treats. It is also fitted with a cool box to keep drinks, sweets or sweets that you can buy on the road and that need to be kept cool.

The Leilani is a 50ft motorized ship.

Famous for the construction of sturdy vessels, Uniflites are prestigious sailing ships. The Leilani is conceived for those who want to enjoy additional comforts. Its roomy master cab offers seats and protection from bad weathers. In front of the master stateroom there is a separate toilet. We' re your guide for your adventures and entertainment, while offering you extraordinary services and comforts.

See the unbelievable beauties of cetaceans, tortoises, and Molokini crater.

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