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We introduce ALL ABOUT MAUI, a blog that gives you tips on what to do in Maui from the perspective of local insiders. Not much is not cool on this island, but look what's cool about Maui, at least for a newcomer. We' re living and breathing Maui, Hawaii. The stay on Maui makes the difference when it comes to offering our visitors information material. HI, Maui is home to history, attractions, black sandy beaches and more.

So what's so unique about Maui? - Member Forum

So what's so unique about Maui? I' m planning to spend 10 days in Oahu (Waikiki), but many of the travelers from the Oahu Forums proposed that we should go to Maui half of our itinerary. Of what I have been reading so far, Kaanapali/Lahaina are the areas where we should remain if we want beautiful sands, a ride to Hana (~2 1/2 hours) is a must.

If I asked you what else is so particular about the Isle of Maui, what would you say? I' m trying to judge if it's worth it for me to amend my Oahu residence plan and Maui? So what's so unique about Maui? In Maui I enjoy the beach and the hinterland with Haleakala.

So what's so unique about Maui? We like beautiful scenery (beaches & mountains), good meals but accessible. The Maui Ocean Center is a place I added to the Maui Pillar. So what's so unique about Maui? The Maui is simply very tourist-friendly, a good mixture, but not too overpowering.

So what's so unique about Maui? What does Maui have that Oahu doesn't? So what's so unique about Maui? The second best snorkelling in the state after the Isle of Hawaii. Most of Maui's best and best bathing spots. The IMHO Southern Maui (Kihei, Wailea, Makena) has the best sandy beach in the state.

There are 850,000 Oahu and 140,000 Maui population. Maui' s got 10,000 feet of Haleakala. Maui' s got Hana. Maui' s got La Perouse. I' m living on Oahu and I' ve been living on Maui. As soon as you get out of Honolulu and see the countryside of Oahu, you''ll soon realize you're in a large city area.

I' m on holiday in Maui to get out of the rats' world. When I can't, I'll go to the northern bank of Oahu. So what's so unique about Maui? Maui is more rustic than Oahu and still has the old stick and pinapple orchards. It still has a small populace of around 120,000 inhabitants.

Over and over again Maui was strongly backed by CAD engineers, sponsors and attendees. Since the 1970s there have been airlines flying directly from Canada to Maui. That'?s why you will see many of Canada's flag on Maui. There are very few streets left in Maui and the coastal areas are somewhat shielded from high-rise buildings.

It' an expense target in comparison to Oahu. So what's so unique about Maui? Everybody has a favourite isle, a favourite area on any isle - the causes for these tastes differ like fingers. As a general principle, one weekend per isle, but a ten-day stopover is certainly possible between Oahu and Maui.

Not only the goal is the trip, but the goal is nice. So what's so unique about Maui? In Oahu, I think the major distinction is that many folks have a tendency to remain in Waikiki, which is very busy and hectic.

Maui' is exactly the opposite. Maui, I love Maui, it's just so relaxed, and I'm always happy I'm not in town when I'm there! So what's so unique about Maui? South Maui, near the Wailea-Boundary.

We were VERY lucky four days later to be leaving the big town and coming to Maui. Hawaiiana " - and the countryside of Oahu is beautiful. Maui' a beautiful psychic. They have all kinds of snorkelling and beach facilities and a lot of nature beauties.

And Maui also has the largest selection of accommodation and restaurant outside of Honolulu. It is a very beautiful offer from which you can select what you want to do every night or week. So what makes Maui different? Maui means different things to different human beings, as you begin to realize.

It is difficult for me to put it into words, because it is not about "things" or "places" (with the except for the LaPerouse region of South Maui), but about a sense.

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