Marquesas Islands Cruise

The Marquesas Islands Cruise

Taiiohae (Nuku Hiva/Marquesas Islands) Cruises. We can help you charter a boat in the Marquesas Islands. A team of experts is at your disposal to organise your own cruise. The Nuku Hiva Marquesas cruise port. Tuamotus, Marquesas, Cook Islands and occasionally Fiji and Tonga.

Cruise on the Marquesas Islands: The Love Boat encounters dirt dating

Following years of decay, great effort was made to involve young Marques in the revival of traditions. With 4WDs everywhere, many people still use a horse to move around town. There is a Morquesan dancing the swine dancing under an old bankan pole. Birds dancing is one of the Marquesas' extraordinary pieces of music.

A furious lady walks over cruise ship 7 from the camps in France to shut up the kiwi outcry. "He' just a child," she grumbles, from the ten-year-old maker of the legendary dinghy, who is watching lonely by the pool. It was to be a festive Polyynesian night - one of the two Pacific cruise buffets.

Suspense is shattered by Maria's spouse, who bombs the swimming pools to bring back his work. Marquesas are islands of insulation and rugged volcanoes. It' s Love Boat encounters Conrt. One cruise liner, around 200 people and two week meals and May-Tais, land trips, karaoke and music.

It is the passenger-freight-hub Aranui 5, which meets every three -week on the 1400 km long open sea between Tahiti and the tragic Marquesas Islands - Pacific paradise of Kon-Tiki explorer Thor Heyerdahl's and artist Paul Gauguin's work. Most of the stowaways are Kiwis, Aussies and French. Most of the time older, adventuresome guys who want to look beyond Tahiti's palm and silica sandals to one of the most secluded islands cluster in the canyon.

It is a scenery of vulcanic summits and foggy towers, with birds and swine dancing and tattooing. This vessel, which belongs to a Friulian Tahitians, has been carrying both passenger and freight to the faraway lands of Polynesia for 33 years. In contrast to the UN cruise liners, the crews are predominantly Marquesan or Tibetan, i.e. you don't have to get off the vessel to get an impression of the people.

In the wide oceans between Tahiti and the Marquesas, you loose half an hours - and about 50 years. Marquesa's age is 30 mins ahead, but his civilization is based on the Polish migrations that ended with the arrival of M?ori in New Zealand. "Uh-huh," the people of Marquesan call in their greetings.

The first to come into the spotlight is Nuku Hiva, a series of Toyota Hiluxes awaiting to take us on an insular outing. As we see the abusive swine dancin' under a 500-year-old holy banyan pole at the Tohua Kamuihei archeological site, the ship's captain unload the valuable freight of the island's inhabitants. Religions entailed other dangers - a prohibition of song, dances and tattoos almost ruined the islands' culture-identities.

I ask his proprietor, Yvonne Katupa, what it means to be her. In Tahuata, a small isle, the children are playing soccer on a water field, passing the fellow who goes for a walk on the shore with his porc. She has a plaited strand of braid falling on her waistline and a traditionally styled sleeve lures around her right sleeve - the girl starts getting tattoos from her youth.

them barking orders in French, not Marquesan. The furthest promontory of these islands of seclusion is the place Thor Heyerdahl selected for his human experiments, which lived in the depths of a year. About 8000 people lived on the Preeuropean continent. This is a hiking holiday - an option 16 km long stroll in the hot weather across the isle to Hanavave Bay.

It' not a cruise for the sloppy ones. In order to welcome the square boat hull, which will be your daily target, you must be on board until 6.30 am. Most of the tours to the islands can be done as an option. On the jetty the team unloads Heinz tartar gravy, tins of cassis, and sacks of sunrise long corn ricepack.

During the long distance back to Tahiti a gale comes up. The naked entertainment artist Nahau wants to celebrate in Tahiti.

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