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Contacts & tips for travelling to and around Rangiroa Island, including inter-island flights, ferries and car rentals. Fill in your details once and have TripAdvisor search multiple websites to find the best rates for flights to Rangiroa. To ensure your trip runs smoothly, click on the links below:. Papeete's non-stop flight time is fifty-five minutes and Rangiroa's flight time is twenty minutes, both offering good opportunities to get to Tikehau. Cheap flights from Auckland Central to Rangiroa:

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Afterwards, the best way to explore the interesting places on Rangiroa is either by speedboat or outboat, which are indispensable in all these large areas of sea intolls. MauriTaxi BoatTiputaB.P. 73 - 98776 Tiputa - RangiroaTel...: (689) (689) Motorboats "Starline" fibreglass 12 places.7 nights a weeks between Tiputa and Avatoru (possible transfer from this sector).

Flight to Rangiroa, French Polynesia (RGI) 2018

Receive a warning if Frankfurt rates fall to Rangiroa. The rates are on a return journey with a return journey between 1-21 nights after your arrival. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee. It is Rangiroa's nearest international airfield. The Rangiroa International has non-stop services to 4 towns.

There are at least 15 internal departures every weeks from Rangiroa Airport.

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  • Rangiroa is the biggest avatar in Polynesia and the second biggest avatar in the run. - Dream "motus" (Blue Bay, Green Bay, Reef Isle and Pink Sand). - Polynesia's exceptional vineyards. Ohotu lookout, where you can see the dolphin bouncing on the Tiputa mountain passes, the bead fields, the mythic Lagon Bleu Isle, the pink sandy islets, the green Laguna Isle, the reef isle ( "feo", inquisitive fossilised rock formations), the peculiar vineyards in Polynesia, on a moto, underwater dive sites....:

Rangiroa, the biggest freepolynesian and the second biggest city in the whole wide Polynesia region, is 350 km northeast of Tahiti, only one hour's-fly. The Rangiroa is a series of islands of corals as far as you can see around a huge bay. It is a real ocean inland, it could cover the whole of Tahiti.

"Rangiroa " or "Rairoa", which means a long skies, is the favourite goal of scuba diving enthusiasts who come every year to enjoy "the great cold". Commander Jacques Cousteau counted his spectacular dive spots among the world' s finest and wealthiest, mainly because of an extraordinary number of grey shark (raira), whitetip shark (wallpaper) or blacktip thatch.

Blue Lagoon with its pristine swimming pools lined with coco palms, the reef islands and their amazing faeo or lush Pink Sand Motus are ideal for diving into the pleasures of swimming or snorkelling in an adorable environment. Further activity is possible near the Avatoru and Tiputa towns, each named after the two great mountain passports of the atoll: snorkelling with an unbelievable variety of colourful species of sea life in the wild tank, a meeting of dolphins, a trip to the two towns, a trip to the Green Lagoon and, even more surprisingly, the discovering of the only vineyards in Polynesia, France; a few years ago Rangiroa was set in the middle of a vineyards that produced a grape like no other.

In Avatoru, the capital, you will find the international airports and the most important guesthouses and hotel accommodation. There are few sandy shores, but they are found on the countless islands surrounding the area. A 55-minute drive from Tahiti, Rangiroa and its wonders offers you many sheltered oases of tranquillity.

Snorkeling, dive, deep water fish, boating, picnic on various "motu" (Blue Bay Isle, Green Bay Isle, Red Isle, Pink Sandy Isle), Jetski, tour of the vineyards on a motor cruiser, bottom glasboat. Hiking or biking around the central theme (bike rental possible), accompanied tour of the Avatoru and Tiputa towns, bike, car rental and rollercoaster rental, participation in a religious ceremony.

Recreational Centre(s) and Spa: Tourist Office(s): in Avatoru. ZIPOSTOFF(S): in Tiputa and Avatoru.

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