Palasia Hotel Koror Palau

Hotel Koror Palau

The Palasia Hotel is located in Koror and has an outdoor swimming pool, sauna and spa centre. Hotel Palasia, Palau offers a privileged location in the heart of the capital of Palau, state Koror. The Palasia Hotel Palau conference room information, meeting facilities and amenities. Check prices and find the best offer for Palasia Hotel. This hotel is located in Koror, near Blue Corner and more!

Hotel Palasia - Rating of Hotel Palau, Koror, Palau

United' s Manila plane reaches Palau's small airfield after 2am. Each hotel charges 20 US$ for this shuttle. As I asked the first hotel I had reserved for this transport, I was informed that the hotel was not open at this time and I had to stay until this time.

So, I made a reservation for a room in Kotor's biggest hotel and they organized a transportation for me. I' ve reserved a room with Seaview. There is a snack bar for breakfasts, but it is mainly aimed at Far Eastern visitors, especially from China, who make up the bulk of the hotel's population.

It wouldn't have been so terrible except for that useless sink in my room. One could say, okay, this is Palau. But, no, I went to a very comfortable hotel with a larger room than here and all the conveniences, also in Kotor, where I had to pay less than half of what I was billed here.

Space for improvement - Review Palasia Hotel Palau, Koror, Palau

We had 12 great nights at the Palasia while sinking in. Just 1 umpteenth I had was absenteeism from very warm waters - allowed we are in a place that has 32 degree day and so showering doesn't have to be super warm, but after a few day dives, warm waters on fatigued muscle is quite cute.

One thing that was really outstanding was the personnel - no matter what it was, it was always no issue. Thanks again to the whole Palasia diving group - they were very pleased with our stay there!


Hotel Palasia, Palau offers a privileged position in the center of the capital of Palau, state Koror. Opened on 24 August 1998 in the Koror downtown commercial area in the centre of the Isle of Koror, this 7-story, 3-story First Class Deluxe Hotel offers everyone convenient access to the many and varied dining, commercial centres, gift stores, open spaces and other amenities on the Isle.

We have 165 rooms and suite with balcony overlooking the Rock Islands and the Northern Bay of the Isle. Every room guarantees a homely ambience and services away from the town. The Palasia Hotel provides one-of-a-kind, discarded experience for all age groups through marine adventure, nature and those tranquil times that float in crystalline seawater or lie on the golden sands with your family.

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