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Walk slowly," read a hand-written notation. Who is your Kaanapali snorkeling and SNUBA diving destination? the Go-Lanai.com for ferry schedules. You can' t go wrong in Lanai if you like seafood!

The Maui people are going to escape.

When you go to Lanai.

Lanai serves mainly hawaiian and aloha companies. Four Seasons runs a shuttles between its two resort locations, with bus and tram stop in Lanai City and Hotel Lanai. Lanai Hotel, rooms from $139, www.hotellanai.com, (877) 665-2624. 4 Seasons Lodge in Koele, prices from $345 (fourth free until December 18th); Four Seasons Manele Bay, prices from $445 (fourth free from August 15th - December 18th); www.fourseasons.com, (800) 321-4666.

Lanai snorkeling trip with sea and beachlife

If you haven't yet known about Lanai, of course, you will now have listened to him and want to go to him! The pineapple isle ( "Lanai") is the sixth biggest of Hawaii's islands. I' ll be talking about snorkeling in Molokini, fishing in Lanai, Lanai Beach and Molokini snorkeling tours!

It is only 140 sq. km in size and has just over 3000 inhabitants. It' quite small and relaxed, but astonishing like any other Hawaiian isle. It' interesting because only 2% of the land is in government ownership and the remainder is held by Larry Ellison, the Oracle founding father.

The most of the major trails are country lanes and ATV's available, but the major streets are cobbled so you don't need to stay in a tented area and of course there are very beautiful facilities like the Four Seasons Resort Lanai so you can even feel like a royal!

Although the islet is small, there is an airfield there. The Lanai International and Maui airports are connected via Honolulu International Airport (HNL) and Kahului International and both have regular departures, so there is nothing to be concerned about. Their best and lowest-priced carriers are Hawaiian Airline and Alaska Airline.

Departure to Lanai: Land Rover departures: Although Lanai is much smaller than most other islands in Hawaii, there are still many great snorkelling opportunities around the isle. I' ll walk over all these hotspots to go snorkelling counterclockwise from Shipwreck 2am on Lanai.

You may want to take your own equipment with you, including fins, masks and snorkels, and you may want to take it with you in a travelling suitcase, as some of the places are a little more difficult to reach. IT' NOT A GOOD PLACE TO GO SNORKELLING. Although it is a very popular sandy area with good reefs and corals, the current is powerful and not perfect for snorkelling.

This is usually the first place in the world where folks want to go snorkelling, but it's very tent. After 8 nautical mile you can get some ultraviolet, beverages and lunches along with angling and walking. Overlooking the Kalohi Canal, where you can see Molokini Island (ideal for snorkelling) and you will also miss the amazing World War II Liberty Ship.

From Lanai you can reach the shore by 4x4 vehicle (Jeep, V ans, etc.), go down Hwy 44 and turn off onto the unpaved path to the lefthand side until you see the shore or the Libertywreck. You will need all the conveniences such as hot and cold drinks, sunscreen and refreshments. There' s outbuildings, so maybe you could get some toilet paper.

Directly at the Public Harbour the sandstrand provides great snorkelling and a lot of varied sea-lifes. It' part of the Navalife Sanctuary and Underwater Naval Park. Simple snorkelling for everyone with plenty of facilities and a great starting point on the islands for simple accessibility and enjoyment!

There are no powerful current, but there are still waves, so you can browse, windsurf, enjoy sunshine and take advantage of the tidal waters that open up around the beaches for a great oceanvita. Snorkelling here is great, as already said, but it is great for the whole group and you can even see a lot of ocean creatures, starfish and many more.

There' re no lifesavers, so keep an eye on the little ones when you snorkel. There' s baths, rinsing toilets and many other facilities, but you should take your own lunch to spare a few bucks! It is actually only just south of Hulopo'eay, but easily to be mentioned that first and then to Sharkay.

So be careful, but the sandy and seabed is sheltered by the bay and there are some sea creatures, but be VERY careful when you go snorkelling. The 75-feet cliff that sticks out of the sea is a beautiful view and brings back your film!

No lifeguard or facility is available, but Hulopo'e Bay is nearby, so just make sure you have used the facility first before you go there and have it. Go south of Lanai on 440 and continue along Kaupili Road to Manele Road and you will reach the sea. There' s a precipitous mound that leads down to the shore, so if you have kneeling or waist problems, be careful, but once you're there, you'll find great snorkelling and enjoy!

Here you will find a sandstrand and wonderful snorkelling area. There' s a quick descent, so you should always carry a snorkelling jacket and a mate. In Lanai there is a wide variety of fishing, like on any other of the islands you will see verdant tortoises, long-tailed cucumbers, morays, speckled morays, mantas, maybe even squids, urchins and cucumbers and much more!

The Lanai trip starts from Maui in the harbour of Lahaina, you better be an early bird, because they start at 7am! You don't even have to go into the sea from the upper decks, but of course you will be enjoying your breakfasts, BBQ and beverages after snorkelling and if you are on the upper decks and don't want to run all the way to the sea, take the sled!

In the hope that you are an early bird to see Molokini, you will see some of the most stunning clear water in the game. This is another great day -trip operator that offers many excursions with a smaller audience. You' ll stop at 2 great snorkelling sites in Lanai and enjoy stunning vistas on the way, so make sure to take your camcorder with you and make sure it's watertight, especially when the water is a little craggy!

Lanai is a wonderful place to go snorkelling and visiting. When you have the chance, go to the isle for a few nights or spend a little longer. Snorkelling equipment and 4x4 car rental for your enjoyment. It is possible to go snorkelling around the islands without a trip, but if you are looking for a trip, you have to do it from Maui.

From Lahanai there are many possibilities, but first take a look at our suggestions and have a great time!

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