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The DSU chapter of the National English Honors Society is Sigma Tau Delta. This is Sigma Tau Delta, International English Honorary Society. About the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, including membership requirements. International Honorary Society for English (Alpha Psi Chapter).

The Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society | Philosophy Department

PsSigma Tau (PST) is the International Honorary Society of Ph. Students of science and education and minors in the juniors and seniors class can be admitted every year in early schooling. You can find out more about the company here. Philosophie Cafe: One of the most beloved activities is the "Philosophy Cafe" line, which is now supported by PST and the philosophical society.

Flyer from earlier café conversations can be found here, here and here. Workshop on Philosophie-Papier: In addition, PST organizes two biannual philosophical workshop on the topic of philosophical pap. Aim of the workshop is to improve the amount and qualitiy of entries for the competition and the discourse and to support those who are interested in peer review.

Usually the first of these workshops takes place in November and gives general advice to the student on how to create a high-quality philosophical work and how to turn a semester work into a play that is suited for a wider group. As a rule, the second workshops take place at the beginning of February and are intended to give the student input on the works they wish to present for the competition and/or the discourse (or other philosophical publications).

DISCUSSION: Aim of this magazine is to offer an open platform for a multitude of reasons and notions. Entries in original and original style are welcome. Here you can find the magazine in the catalog. Competition on paper: Disccourse releases the best entries to the Phi Sigma Tau papermaking competition.

The paperwork is chosen by three members of the department in a blank-method. They also publish brief articles that are directly sent to the magazine. To see a complete listing of the previous competition results, click here. Editor-in-Chief of Discourse:

Honorary Society for Philosophy of Phi Sigma Tau

The Phi Sigma Tau is the International Honorary Society of Philosphy. He acknowledges scientific achievements, encourages the further development of our philosophies and issues important scientific papers. As a postgraduate student, Phi Sigma Tau also offers the opportunity to continue the members' studies in the field of postgraduate studies, as well as advice for graduates and careers.

Phi Sigma Tau's goal is to foster the interest and activities of our undergraduates and to foster links between the Faculties of Arts of our affiliated institutions: three years. At least two classes in philosphy (or are enrolled). Minimal GPA accumulative in the more than 3.00 GPAs.

For information on how to become a member, please consult the Departmental Adviser or the Phi Sigma Tau website.

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