Currency in Bora Bora French Polynesia

Bora Bora French Polynesia Currency

Are they accepting Canadian currency at all? French-Polynesian Comptoirs Français du Pacifique (CFP), New Caledonia, more....

. However, French Polynesia has a lot of autonomy that you will see in everything from currency to taxation. Bora Bora's official currency is the French Pacific Franc (CPF). In French Polynesia, the currency used is the French Pacific Franc, abbreviated XPF or CFP.

Money to go? US$ or XPF? - Brooèka Bora Message Board

Money to go? Are they accepting the currency of Canada at all? Money to go? Money to go? At a Wells Fargo store or on-line. Money to go? Benefit from the currency expertise. Money to go? Money to go? Cause it'?s too much money and the best way to pay is by bank transfer?

Money to go? Money to go? Calculate trips and food to your room and just buy small things. If, in the end, you have a native currency, it is difficult to convert it back into CAD. Money to go? Money to go? The location where you live, where you go shopping, where you dine and what trips you take.

Basically I think Bo's proposal of $500 in converted currency is a good one unless you stay at a small guesthouse that wants to take money in hand and not bank accounts, or take a multitude of on-site outings. They may find some cabs and operators taking strange currency, but you don't get a good currency quote and pay up more for those extra duties.

Money to go? I plan to exchange and collect $1000 US$ because I will try to reserve 2 trips alone. I' m a little bit jumpy because I don't have enough money.

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In French Polynesia, the currency used is the French Pacific Franc, or XPF or CFP for short. While the euro versus the euro is a lump sum (1 euro (?) = 119.33 Pacific franc), it is fluctuating against the US dollars (USD). Faa'a Airport's ATM and ATM are open for all Faa'a Airport connections, so you can change your currency on your flight.

Internationally, the hotel also exchanges currency, but usually at a higher currency conversion rates. It is not necessary to change large sums of money as they are often taken by bankers. Major island countries widely use them. Visa and Mastercard are the most common types of card, followed by American Express.

Notice that not all establishments and eateries are accepting American Express. Tips are not common in French Polynesia and are not anticipated.

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