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Locate the cheapest flight to Nadi and book your ticket at the best price! Cheap flights from Nadi to Taveuni Island: Cheap flights from Nadi to Taveuni Island: They both fly to Nadi Airport with almost daily connections. Other popular airlines are Fiji Link and Northern Air wonderful staff and beautiful tropical surroundings in Taveuni, Fiji.

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from Nadi to Taveuni... how much? Re: from Nadi to much? It' faster, but more costly than the boat. The ferryboats depart from Suva, which is several kilometres from Nadi. Also has to stay the night on the shuttle. Pacifica Sun flies from Nadi to Taveuni. Iceland Hoppers provide a charterservice to Taveuni.

You will find the following links with timetables and fares. Re: flying from Nadi to much? I' ve been flying from Nadi to Taveuni many a time. It' so much better than the boat, it's best to take an early morning plane because my plane was canceled a few flights because of the afternoons.

Re: from Nadi to much? Re: from Nadi to much? This will depend on how much you have to stay in Fiji. Take a look at the price and timetable links I sent to Taveuni in reply to Margaret. Ferries are much less expensive than air travel.

You may have to stay there when you reach Nadi. You' ll also have to come to Suva to take the boat. Re: flying from Nadi to much? Oh, I got the email from VPESA that we will first go to Bounty Iceland and then take a boat from Suva to Taveuni.........If it is organized by VPESA...then I think it will be chartered....let's see.

Re: flying from Nadi to much? Cyclone Evan caused the closure of Bucharest in December. Have a look at their website for transport and opening date: The date for launch is 1 December 2013. Boatcharter to the Isle is more costly than the reservation with South Seas Cruses.

Unfortunately there are no timetables for Bounty, as the place is currently inactive. They must come to Suva from Bounty. You may be able to organize the transport from Suva to Taveuni, but you seriously question whether it will be hired. There are no research charter from Suva to Taveuni.

It would be very costly if you were to offer it. You can see how far it is from Suva to Taveuni via the following links. Re: flying from Nadi to much? Re: flying from Nadi to much? Re: flying from Nadi to much? The price varies.

From Nadi to Taveuni can be more costly than from Nadi to Suva and then to Taveuni. You may need to stay one or more nights on the shore, according to when your plane reaches Nadi. The last time to Tavueni from Nadi is around 14:00 or 14:3.

From the USA, our planes reach Nadi very early in the mornings, so take the fastest non-stop from Nadi to Taveuni. I would rather be flying than taking the boat. "Respond to your other booking of resort to remain at Taveuni. Didn't remember to tell you about the Rainbow Reef Resort near Taveuni.

Re: from Nadi to much? Flyin' out on 6. I don't think sure when we're goin' to pay dirt, but what the e-mail said is that from pay dirt, we're goin' to taveuni.

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