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This is how to find the best at Samoa Resorts Samoa on the southern hemisphere has long been a popular seaside town for tourists and in case you are overloaded you can arrange a fast getaway to your final destinations. However on a holiday you certainly need to be planning for accomodation and that is the reason why it would be in your heart to look for Samoa resorts.

It is important to keep in mind that regional and especially overnight departures and if you land at 12 o'clock you will enjoy hearing that your destination is there. In addition to finding accomodation near the international airports, we also recommend the proximity to the Savaii port.

This is another target on the Samoa tourist radars. Therefore, the strategical position of the Resorts is an important consideration and at the same time you could certainly also review the luxurious facilities and then make the reservation.

Re-launch of Samoa Resorts after disaster

Nynette Sass, head of the hotel association, says that most of the proprietors with whom she has talked feel able to work under pressure and are planning to re-create . "The Sinalei Reef Resort has already told us that it will open on November first. They do have some entities that are gardens view mechanisms that are a little higher up in an elevated area that have survive the tidal wave.

She says that tourist guides will meet with civil servants of governments in the morning to discuss the effects of the catastrophe.

The Vasu Resort Samoa

Le Vasa is a 16-room seaside residence on Cape Fatuosofia on the west tip of the Samoa Islands, Upolu, in the look of a historic Polish town. Run by Soraya May-Maligi and Loa Maligi, the destination is aimed at vacationers, honeymoons, couples as well as family members - mainly from Australia and New Zealand - who are looking for a vacation on the islands.

After deciding to buy the former Samoa Village Resort with her deceased spouse Stephen Scott Filipps in 2006, Soraya moved from San Francisco, California, USA to build a new home and live in Samoa. "But after traveling the South Pacific for a long time, we agreed we wanted to be there.

Following the deaths of Stephen in 2008, Samoan Loa Maligi became Soraya's new associate. As the resort moved to on-line voyage scheduling and reservation, Le Vasa Resort was confronted with the realities of falling revenue through its current reservation channel. As many small tour companies not only on the Pacific Islands but also worldwide, the Le Vasa Resort's goal was to measure up to the big names in the tourist sector, as well as large multi-national hotels, among them on-line tourist agencies (OTAs).

"Essentially, the journey and tourist industry's brightest days are ahead - and no matter where they are in the business community, companies in the traveller and tourist industries must have an on-line footprint to be successful," said Manager - Investment & Tourism at PTI's Sydney office, Chad Morris. The Vasa Resort was one of the first tour operator in the Pacific Islands to choose PT&I's tourist promotion program when it was started in 2012.

Jointly initiated by PTI, South Pacific Tourist Organisation (SPTO) and the WHL Group, the worldwide WHL Group''Travel Incubator'', the aim of the project was to enhance the performance of SMME tourist and lodging companies in the Pacific Islands by giving them the technologies, on-line resources and education they need to be more competiven.

Following a PT&I, SPTO and WHL Group workshops in Samoa in 2013, Soraya and Loa worked with WHL Group's Hotel Link Solutions to design and execute an on-line sales and merchandising approach for their company. The keys to the company's successful development have been the development of a new website with the option of making instant reservations and paying by bank cards as well as the possibility of seamless integration with third-party sales outlets such as OTA ( "Expedia" and "Wotif") and Facebook as well.

Le Vasa Resort launched its first remunerated Google Adwords and Facebook based searching campaigns in collaboration with the WHL Group's online advertising company, WHL Group' digitally managed brand. In response to the teachings of this first ad campaigns, the company introduced a strategic plan for Le Vasa Resort to attract prospective clients sooner in the design process by expanding the keywords.

"For small businesses like Le Vasa Resort, the challenges lie in being overshadowed by the large budget and website footprint OTA enjoys. While it' s taking longer to see the results, the policy of getting visitors to buy all-inclusive parcels and pay more has payed off," said Digital Rhinos director Adrian Cordiner.

Adrian says there is no single unified approach to on-line advertising - and it's not just about getting website trafficking. "It is equally important to know your audiences, their countries of origins, your sales strategies and to ensure that you have equal rates and good rates on your own website," said Adrian.

Le Vasa Resort has expanded its website and boosted revenue by developing capacities for efficient on-line sales and promotion. In addition, the resort receives more profitably priced live reservations and no longer has to administer contingents due to the smooth integration with third-party services. "There was a huge effect on our volume of reservations through a highly-qualified website in combination with the pre-sales and delivery tool offered as part of the PTI / SPTO / WHL program," says Soraya.

By launching its very first "super site" (a 3,500 word touristic information source) in June 2016, Le Vasa Resort has experienced an almost 50% increase in (FREE or ORGANIC) travel on its website and a significant increase in commitment - which means that website users spend more on the website and therefore tend to make bookings.

The Vasa Resort has also climbed a number of important keywords in Google ranks and is currently listed among the top resorts in Samoa on TripAdvisor and

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