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Leave date, leave name, leave type. On a view There are many possibilities whether you want to spend a vacation on the beaches in Vanuatu or are here after an active, adventurous or scuba dive-trip. Vanuatu is a unique nature play area, with something for everyone. Port-Vila, the capitol on the Efate archipelago, has a beautiful marina.

Quickly becoming the South Pacific gastronomic capitol, it is also home to cava, a nonalcoholic and anaesthetic drink consumed throughout the Pacific. Some of Vanuatu is home to some of the most gorgeous sea creatures and magnificent sea creatures, but Espiritu Santo has one of the best wreck diving spots; the SS President Coolidge's luxurious ship is in clear waters and inaccessible.

You can also easily reach the volcan Yasur, a fantastic volcanic activity on the Tanna Islands; you can even reach the craters. Maewo is a thin, jagged little village with dark sandy shores and a hilly hinterland.

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The Happiest Place on Earth" was recently presented to Vanuatu. Vanuatu's tourist industry is now expanding at an exponential rate, come and see this one-of-a-kind South Pacific island paradise and you will see why it has been given such an astonishing name. Just a few hrs from the Australian coastline, Vanuatu is a great place for Australians looking for a well-deserved vacation.

Sure Thing Vanuatu Travel employees are able to give you accurate information. Vanuatu's security and the true kindness of the natives give the border of its neighboring Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, Cook and New Caledonia and justify its position as the happiest place on earth.

The staff of Sure Thing Vanuatu Travel is fully certified and qualified.

Banuatu Holidays

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