Waiheke Island Ferry Times

Ferry Times to Waiheke Island

Here you will find the current timetable of the Waiheke ferry. The ferry times from Auckland to Waiheke Island are different. An Auckland Island Excursion AUCCOUNTRY - Northeast of New Zealand's biggest town is an island that unites two of the most popular facets of living in this country: green vines and gold sandbeach. The Waiheke Island is located in Hauraki Gulf, near enough to see Auckland's skin, but far enough to get away from the hustle and bustle. Waiheke Island is located in the Hauraki Gulf.

Approximately 17 kilometres or 10 mile from Auckland, the island has become a popular holiday spot since the launch of a frequent high-speed ferry in 1986.

The island has also grown in size; in 2011, the Auckland Council estimates that just over 8,700 inhabitants will live permanently on the island, which is 92 sq km or 32 sq m. The island's total surface area is around 2,000 acres. This is almost double the 4,500 inhabitants who, according to research at Auckland University, lived there when high-speed traffic began.

Waiheke's countryside is a mix of luxuriant, rugged scrub and ranks of vines, with the ocean just a few kilometres away. The majority of Waiheke people are living in small communities on the west side of the island. Most of the east side is unpopulated, but comprises several vineyards and a historical defence system from the Second World War.

You can explore Waiheke by bike, bivouac or in your own vehicle - all can be hired at Matiatia wharf, where the ferry will dock. You can also buy a New Zealand bus directly at the quay for 9 New Zealand Dollar or $7.37 per city.

A Waiheke Explorer passport can be purchased for $49 at the ferry station. The package contains a ferry fare for the round trips, a fast led coach ride across the island and a daily card for the normal coaches. This one-hour roundabout around the west end of the island stops briefly at scenic places where the visitor can come back on their own.

From Onetangi Bay, the easternmost of the inhabited areas, the route ends where travellers can either get off or remain on the coach to go straight back to Matiatia Wharf. Onetangi Bay, visitors can take a local shuttle service a few kilometres to Wild On Waiheke, opposite the island's nine-hole course.

Situated in the middle of more than two dozens of vineyards on Waiheke, it is the only locally owned handicraft-brewer. Stonyridge Vineyard is located next to Wild On Waiheke, one of the many vineyards that have become a major attraction for tourists. The island is thought to have 180 ha of vineyards, mainly reds like Syrrah, Cape Verde and Mélot, but also some whites like Roquefort and Roquefort.

He is best known for his "Larose" Bordeaux mixture, which he has been making on Waiheke since 1985. Said the island's warm and arid weather made him buy property here in 1981. Vines can be found all over the island, but most of them are on the west side of Onetangi and Matiatia; a free vineyard card and opening times can be found at the ferry-docks.

One of Waiheke's many scenic bathing resorts. Fullers ferry operator provides ferry services to Waiheke from downtown Auckland, with at least one ferry departing Quay Street every few hours. It takes 35 min, or less than 50 min if the services include a stop at Devonport on the north coast of the town.

Adults pay $35 at the airport and $28 for the same daily round trip. There is a ferry back to town at 12:30 every Sunday except Sunday and bank holiday, leaving enough room for a meal at the vineyards.

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