Houses for Sale great Barrier Island

Homes for sale large barrier island

Real estate for sale by the owner. Also with climate change, the beach will remain a great holiday destination. Large stock of apartments for sale or for rent. Beach House is the only property on the breathtaking Arthur Bay. Untouched sea in the middle of nature with private beach at the Great Barrier Reef.

The 23 Great Barrier Roads is situated in the middle of some of the most prestigious houses on the island. A sensitive purchaser will appreciate the value of this neighborhood and the value of the area.

It is a contemporary, architectonically inspiring house with perfectly separated on two floors. On the upper floor, a generous, open residential area opens to the west and eastward, providing sunshine from dawn to dusk. There is a main design fitted galley with a walk-in larder in the centre of this floor and an open sitting and eating room, all with slide door.....

Situated on a 840m2 section, this base stream has seen better times, but would be the prefect base for an accessible barrier holiday. Doing this would make a great summers venture, so get your gadgets and BBQ..... With views of the port of Whangaparapara, this Great Barrier Island estate can be your best island excursion.

The shed with attic and decks, tar-tight entrance, simple entrance, protected, springs - everything on the spot and immediately available for construction. You can only display some of your attributes by road or city if you do not specify a full road or if you cannot assign the attribute exactly.

Greenside Road, Great Barrier Island | Hauraki Gulf Islands

From the Auckland International Centre, a 30-minute fly to this magic area. You may of course be fortunate enough to own or rent a helicopter and end up on your own front door; others may. Best northern location on the Great Barrier Island overlooking the golden sand of Medlands Beach, the isles, just breathtaking countryside; a celebration for your sight.

There is a large meadow with its own statues that were created million of years ago. Be the viewer; the goalkeeper; a unique chance in the world. Do you have the good fortune to be the next keeper of this truly magic possession that has been in the same familiy for generation after generation?

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