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I have Starbucks near the campus, my apartment and my work. The Starbucks Store Locator helps you find places near you where you can enjoy great drinks and free Wi-Fi. Notice Starbucks at the top. You' re not gonna find a Starbucks in the middle of these amber waves. Maps transforms into'Mario Kart' All Week.

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They were all very kind and effective, as we are used to from Starbucks. We' ve been to this place 2-3 days over the week-end and would definitely be back. It' s central, but the shop is really small, but the entrance to the car park is very good. Everyone knows about Starbucks, so what else there is to say, except the gourd seasoning bar is awesome!

I' ve been to many Starbucks coffeeplaces in several states, but I never saw one that was only a propulsion through or outside the walk-up meter before. They were very kind, supportive and well-informed. Have you been to Starbucks?

An unbelievably useful thing you didn't know Google Maps could do

Maps is ideal to find your way around. It has all kinds of high-performance functions and time-saving links that are not visible, but just wait to be detected. It' a good idea to try some of the most useful off the well-trodden paths. When you have an Android mobile there is a better way: Maps offers a whole range of useful language instructions that work whenever you use them.

Simply say "Okay, Google" and then try out variants of these examples: And you can tell your telephone to make a call, text, play back your favorite tunes or search for your next date - all without taking your eye off the prize. Access maps on your iPhone or Android mobile and touch the small nuance point that shows your whereabouts.

This will display a concealed meal with some practical features - which includes the option to store your whereabouts. Insert your own additional memos or pictures and even schedule a reminder to remember when it's a good idea to move your vehicle. If you are about to return to your seat, look for the stored park alert on your mobile or simply open maps and press the "Parking" map at the bottom of the game.

Have a look at the easy system of maps for exchanging locations in near-realtime. In order to try, open maps on your mobile and touch the red point, just like in the tip above, but this tick "Share your location". "You can specify an end point for site approval or leave it on until you disable it by hand.

Then you can choose all your friends you want to approve them for, or add a personal webink wherever you want. In the middle of a map menu, you can also use the release feature by jumping up from the bottom edge of the window and then choosing "Release travel progress".

" That' ll be sharing your site with whoever until you get to your goal. Both scenarios will show an icons that will show your present cursor in the maps application, if available, or in a normal web browsing pane if not.

At the bottom of the maps, a screen appears informing you that your shared area is enabled and you can stop it at any time by touching this field. The navigation bar described in the last tip has another useful gem: the possibility to browse along the actual itinerary. When activated, you can find petrol station, restaurant, food store or café on your way from point A to point B with just a touch. You can also enter your own keyword - for example, if you want to see every Starbucks or Taco Bell that is on your way.

There is a similar type of searching available in Maps, even if you are not browsing. To find particular locations near your present site or another site, touch the lookup toolbar at the top of the application and try variants of these queries: Or you can scroll to see what's near your whereabouts by opening maps on your cell phones and then browsing through the Scroll and scroll tabs at the bottom of the display.

One of the funniest things about maps is Street View, but you probably wouldn't even notice if you didn't know where to look. First of all, look on your mobile in Maps for any place like Times Square. You can also place your hand anywhere on the chart to choose a particular datum.

Then touch the picture of the spot that is displayed in the lower lefthand part of your monitor. Lift and move your telephone and the display changes according to the real line you are looking at. Light the flux condenser, Doc, because we're about to take a serious journey through the world.

Maps has a little-known function with which you can view the street view for each area, as it used to exist in different places in the past. It only works from the wallpaper page, so open maps on your computer and choose a location. Touch it and you can pull back a slide bar through the clock to see 360-degree images from years before.

Talking of maps on the Internet: The next search for route descriptions on your desk top, you' ll be saving yourself a single giant leap and beaming them directly to your car or your portable unit. To see a listing of your Google Accounts associated equipment, click the release you want. While iPhone's should be installed and logged in to the Maps application and then enabled alerts in the app's preferences, you should see your phone's screen pop ups.

To get a license for a given automobile, you must be able to upload your automobile to the Google website by hand, provided you have a compliant make and type. Whatever you do, the map information appears as a message on your display or phone seconds after you sent it from your desk.

Use Maps' smart travel estimator to find out how long a journey is expected to take. Simply find a place in the wallpaper map, then click on the "Directions" and enter any start point. "Click on the down arrows next to it and then choose either "Departure on" or "Arrival on" to see the expected number of journeys for a given date and a given hour.

While not every hike is a two-stop quest, and even though it's not exactly in front of and in the middle, Maps has a function that allows you to insert more than one stop into each one. Begin your search for your first target from your mobile device. Press it and then choose "Add Stop" from the displayed menue. This function is more noticeable if you are using maps on a computer:

Cards can accurately determine the interval between two or more points to the second one. Touch and point your mobile to your start point. This will display a scarlet needle and a blank line indicating more information about the site. Move up on the toolbar and choose the item "Measure distance", then use your thumb and the plus symbol to find and choose the second point.

Right-click on your start point on a computer and choose "Measure Distance" from the displayed drop-down list and then click on each additional point in your pathway to obtain readings. While you probably know all about zooming, Maps has a number of other useful actions that will help you get around the application on your phone.

This brings you into a "flyover view", with three-dimensional structures in many places. Would you like to store a move the next day you are willing to use it? When you have searched for a place, keep the key "Directions" pressed at the bottom of the display.

This will take you directly to Navigate view, using the best Google estimate for the itinerary and transport methods you are likely to use.

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