5 Days South Island new Zealand

Salamanca 5 Days South Island New Zealand

Experience the top sights of the spectacular South Island on a 5-day guided bus tour from Christchurch. Their must-have dos and top spots in New Zealand's adventure capital. View all the highlights of New Zealand's picturesque South Island on this five-day guided sightseeing tour.

You can drive for 5 days on the South Island - New Zealand Forum

Hello, I plan to leave Christchurch in about 5 days after a few days' sojourn. Departure from Christchurch in the mornings. Over the Lewis Pass via Maruia to Punakaiki. Might make brief stopovers on the way, and maybe Westport, if we can. Stage 3 - Take almost the whole full days and explore the Haast Pass.

We jump over Wanaka and arrive in Queenstown in the evenings. Accommodation in Queenstown. Sail to Dunedin and hopefully can be reached around midday (stop at Milton for a rest and a meal). Discover and stay in Dunedin. Morning and mornings - Return to Christchurch with stopovers in Oamaru (famous gardens and lunch) and Timaru (for the Felskunstmuseum).

There is no question, that is too hasty and certainly not a relaxation. e.g. Why do you go to Queenstown if you only stay the night? So is Dunedin. You' re all going to be spending a great deal of quality driving. I really wish there was a good landscape! It' really a wastage of your spare minute, your precious resources.

It is better to travel to Queenstown via Lake Tekapo for 5 days, spend 3 evenings and look around this part of Central. Journey to Dunedin for 2 overnight stays and back over the east coastline to CCC. When I have added an additional overnight to what you have, then you only have one overnight in Dunedin.

You' ll miss the West Coast glacier, but if you're organized and the glacier is a must, consider a Tekapo sightseeing trip over Mt Cook and back - this gives you the opportunity to fly in good conditions, but not waste your precious flying hours when the mountain is cloudy.

On the first you are planning to cross the Lewis Pass, which takes a lot of your breathtaking scenery and is not as beautiful as the more straightforward one. I wouldn't have bothered to spend the second half of the afternoon in Haast. 4 There is no reason to go to Dunedin unless you have a whole full working days to do so.

Either spend another in Queenstown and take a flight to Christchurch on the 5th or go to Mt Cook. Mt Cook over Lake Tekapo to Christchurch. Only 5 days you need to consider a way to sometimes you can get a better deal when you travel to Queenstown and travel Wanaka-Haast=Glaciers-Chch.

Thank you for all the proposals, after I have read all the proposals, it means that I have to give up either the eastern or the western part? I have actually already been to the South Island, which is something like that: North or South? There may be a need to reconsider your budget: 2 days of QTN-Mt Cook-CHCH = $100+; 40 liters of gasoline = $80+ (total $180) in comparison to air fares 3 x $69 = $207 + saving both!

The East Cost vs. East Cost probably comes back to the temporal factors. The east shore is faster and possibly rescued for a whole days, but the western shore is more scenic and you should not get in the way of bad meteorological conditions - the east shore can get a cool south just as easy as the western shore can have rains - which is hotter.

The fastest way from CHC to Q'town is the main one via Tekapo - also a great landscape and often more consistent wheather than the coastline itineraries. On the east coastline is not a picturesque trip. The Lindispass, Aoraki/Mt Cook, Tekapo is my favorite one. It is a longer, more winding ride with a great landscape and probably wetter - it is one of the wetest places on the world.

Okay, after revision, Judgment 1 - Christchurch to Hokitika via Arthur's Pass. Then to Haast only for the night. Morning 3 - Cross Haast Pass in Queens Town. Accommodation in Queens Town. Stage 5 - Lake Tekapo and back to Christchurch. I' m guessing I'll visit the east coast until next check--.....

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